'Xelden Ring', a unique 3D action RPG game developed by home coders, is revitalizing the MSX home computer world with its technically dazzling gameplay.

Groundbreaking 3D Action RPG 'Xelden Ring' Comes to MSX

The world of MSX home computers has been revitalized recently, with the announcement that new hardware is on the way sparking renewed interest. While we wait for this influx of fresh tech, a host of homebrew coders and annual events like the MSXDev competition are keeping the platform's creative fires burning. In MSXDev23, Santiago Ontanon, also known as Brain Games, has managed to create one of the most intricate MSX titles in a long time, as reported by Indie Retro News, 'Xelden Ring'.

'Xelden Ring' was initially devised as an experiment to gauge the feasibility of developing a 3D action RPG on the humble MSX system. Since then, it has grown into a technically audacious experience that pushes the boundaries of what we thought possible on MSX hardware.

The game is located in the quaint town of Middlebridge, where your mission is to cleanse the local area of beasts. Although the game is still very much under development, what we have seen so far is nothing short of stunning. It's truly awe-inspiring to witness this level of creativity and sophistication on the MSX platform.

Keen gamers can try out 'Xelden Ring' for themselves in their browsers by following this link. It stands as a testament to MSX's surprising potential as well as the prodigious talents of homebrew coders like Santiago Ontanon.

Other intriguing news in the MSX world includes the release of 'Phenix Corrupta', a new Metroidvania from developer Casper Croes. Meanwhile, the future of the MSX brand looks exciting, as new hardware titled 'MSX0 Atom Boy' revealed, a mini gaming handheld that promises to bring the vintage platform into the modern gaming era.

Adding to the intrigue, MSX Co-Creator Kazuhiko Nishi has suggested that "Every MSX Can Be An MSX3" If this is true, the new MSX hardware slated for release could open up a host of intriguing possibilities for the platform.

In summary, the world of MSX home computers appears to be in a fascinating period of innovation and growth. From groundbreaking 3D action RPGs like 'Xelden Ring' to the imminent launch of new hardware, these are exciting times for fans of the vintage platform. The resurgence of MSX demonstrates the enduring appeal of classic hardware and the limitless potential for imaginative games development, proving once again that the passion for retro gaming is alive and well.

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