Aiming Inc. introduces a limited-time Halloween event, Pumpkin Ephialtes, on the popular action RPG game, DanMachi Battle Chronicle, featuring fan-favorite characters in festive attires.

Pumpkin Ephialtes, Halloween Special Event on DanMachi Battle Chronicle

Aiming Inc., the creator of DanMachi Battle Chronicle, is introducing fans to a seasonal treat with their latest update. The action-packed battle role-playing game (RPG), which is inspired by the fan-favorite anime series, "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" or better known as DanMachi, is rolling out a Halloween-themed event, the Pumpkin Ephialtes.

The limited-time event, which is already live, takes players on a journey through the mysterious Pumpkin Village, a secluded town situated just on the outskirts of Orario, the labyrinth city. Participating in the event doesn't only provide an exciting plot to unravel, but players can also collect various Selas and upgrade materials along with the chance to snag new special Halloween costumes for the beloved game characters, Ryu and Syr.

As the plot begins to unfold, players find themselves under seemingly simple circumstances - buying some local produce for the vibrant Harvest Festival. Daphne and Cassandra, two main characters, are assigned for this task. While doing so, they cross paths with Syr and Ryu, who are attending the same Harvest Festival, marking the start of what would later come to be known as the terrifying Pumpkin Night.

Fans of the game can expect a thrilling experience, as Ryu takes on the form of a Black Cat Witch, equipped with unique special moves. Her poisonous attacks not only harm enemies but also serve to decrease the cost of other techniques and special moves during battle. Meanwhile, Syr dons the Pumpkin Witch costume and aids the team as an Assist-type hero who can significantly boost the squad's critical damage and critical rate.

Both Ryu and Syr's Halloween special episodes offer exciting storylines for players to follow. This added layer of narrative only serves to make the limited-time event more engrossing for fans.

In related news, Aiming Inc. is also hosting a rewards campaign to commemorate the game's second month since its release. Players can recount the game's success through a two-month celebration daily free pack, additional attempts to clear daily quests, and extra desirable items including SSR Adventurer, SSR Assist, Bond, Upgrade, and Limit Break packs. Furthermore, to honor the occasion, two different commemorative packs are being offered at a vastly discounted price.

Join the Halloween festivities and celebrate alongside your favorite characters by participating in the Pumpkin Ephialtes event on DanMachi Battle Chronicle. The game is free and can be easily downloaded for a thrilling and engaging gaming experience. Be sure to not miss out on this incredible Halloween special, hop onto the Pumpkin Night frenzy, and fight alongside Ryu and Syr in their spectacular Halloween gear! Download it now and dive headfirst into the spooky Halloween adventure that awaits.

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