SuperGaming's latest project, Indus, holds its first esports tournament, after surpassing seven million pre-registrations and intensive playtesting.

Indus Game Notches Seven Million Pre-Registrations Ahead of Esports Tournament

The game development industry in India has been experiencing a surge, with the latest entrant, the futuristic Indian battle royale game titled Indus by SuperGaming, making waves. SuperGaming, the brains behind popular games like MaskGun and Silly Royale, had announced in February 2022 about the development of Indus. Since then, the game has gained a significant following of ardent fans and hardcore gaming enthusiasts. This was clearly exhibited as the game reached more than seven million pre-registrations on Google Play.

The gaming studio frequently held playtests to ensure the stability of the gameplay and to invigorate interest among the gaming community. Now, Indus is all set to host its first-ever esports tournament, the Indus Esports Invitational, on October 28th. This tournament will add a competitive edge to the gameplay and has invited six well-known teams to participate: Orangutan, Godlike Esports, Team 8bit Global Esports, Enigma Gaming, and Reckoning Esports. The tournament will not only house these giants but also various other Indus content creators, community members, and victors from previously conducted playtests.

The rewards for the esports tournament run up to 500,000 INR for the winners, with runners-up and third and fourth place teams also receiving a considerable share of the prize money. Additionally, the most valuable player will be rewarded with a unique amount of 100,000 INR. The event will take place on the immersive map of Virlok, which is known for its revamped controls, design balances, and visual appeal.

SuperGaming CEO Roby John reflected on the intense response Indus has received so far, stating his gratitude for the enthusiastic gaming community. The studio feels confident in seeing how the game will fare in a competitive environment with the nation's finest teams. Their focus is on designing and developing what they term as the "most ambitious battle royale to date" in India.

While pre-registrations for Indus continue on Google Play, gamers who are eager to dip into the action can also try their luck for a chance to win a key for the current closed beta. This key drop happens regularly on the game’s official Discord channel, so gamers should stay alert. For those unable to wait, there are several other top-rated battle royale games available for download and play on Android, all offering similar thrilling experiences.

In summary, Indus represents a significant milestone in the nascent but rapidly developing Indian gaming industry. Both the success of its pre-registrations and its forthcoming esports tournament underline the wide acceptance and popularity of such games in India. Gamers everywhere watch with bated breath for the launch of Indus - an initiative that promises to reshape the landscape of mobile gaming in India.

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