Xbox gamers, take heed! Xbox confirms that starting from January 2024, game captures will be facing a 90-day expiration date. Stop procrastinating, back-up your favorites now!

Xbox's New Year Resolution: Delete Game Captures After 90 Days

Ah, how we love the world of gaming! One minute you're slaying dragons, dousing zombies with hot lead, or even scaling skyscrapers as a super-powered madman. The next, you're panicking over the impending doom of your beloved game captures. Yes, folks, you read that right! Xbox has just confirmed that come 2024, your game captures will be getting the old heave-ho after a mere 90 days.

In what seems to be an attempt to declutter its network, Xbox has been firing warning shots to its gamers over the past few hours. And by warning shots we mean, sending out chilling messages that read something like, "Your cherished memories of demon slaying and city saving, well, they're for the chop, mate. Sorry, not sorry." The heartless deletion process is set to commence from January 2024.

But fret not, oh brave adventurers of virtual realms! Our in-house knights at Xbox have set up a process to help you salvage your most treasured digital trophies. You can back up your precious Game DVR clips and screenshots to OneDrive, or play it old-school and copy them onto an external USB drive. There's also an option to herding the future captures straight to OneDrive, so they bypass the 90-day guillotine altogether. However, remember that like most good things in life, OneDrive's free upload capacity comes with limitations.

Fancy the external option more? Here's a quick run-through on how to save your heroic exploits onto a USB drive. First, plug a USB 3.0 (or faster) drive into your console. Then, use your impressive controller skills to navigate through My Games & Apps > Apps > Settings > Storage Devices. Once your external drive is selected as the capture location, all your future feats of fantasy splendor will be recorded safely on it. But take note, your game-storing USB drive isn't suitable for this purpose, as it's formatted differently.

While all these measures can ensure the safety of your future captures, we strongly recommend using the official Xbox mobile app to download all your existing captures (the ones queued for deletion) onto your device. That way, you will secure a permanent copy of all your past virtual glories.

While this decision is a bit of a downer, remember, good gamers, change is inevitable, and sometimes, necessary. Plus, we'd love to hear your thoughts about this. Any witty one-liners? Heart-wrenching stories? Tempo tantrums (well, gamer style...)? We're all ears down in the comments section below.

Anyways, buckle up, dear Xbox gamers 'cause it's gon' be a wild, wild January 2024. Will captures get backed up? Will gamers overcome the 90-day deletion apocalypse? Will OneDrive sales sky-rocket? Only time will reveal! Play on, adventurers!

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