Bandai Namco stirs 7th anniversary excitement, hinting a surprise related to popular action RPG game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2's 7-Year Itch: A Surprise On Horizon?

Roll out the red carpet - our dear old action role playing game Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 is turning seven! Such a tender age to already have a fan base that could likely populate a small country. Not to sound like a gossipy neighbor, but word on the street is that Bandai Namco's got a few surprises up their sleeve - like no-one saw that coming!

The official Dragon Ball website has been dropping hints about a new "surprise" piece of key art. To be fair, they, like all great artists, have kept it quite cryptic. From what we can decipher: Goku and his avatar are caught in what looks like a frantic game of mirror-mirror with a Kamehameha and Trunks...he's there too, donning a loaded look that screams "I know something you don't". Oh, and let's not forget the Supreme Kai of Time! They all look ready to jump out and yell "surprise!", but apparently we need to "stay tuned for more information”.

Quelle surprise! A surprise that needs more information - Bandai, you tease! Meanwhile, on the Twitterverse, a humble tweet left the DB game followers frenzied. "#DBXV2STAY TUNED…" remains the lit fuse waiting to blow up on everyone's news feed.

Apparently, this fresh wave of puzzle pieces follows the 'Hero of Justice' DLC, Bandai's earlier stint at playing Santa. Yes the whimsical DLC promoting Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero added more interesting faces to the mix, like Orange Piccolo and a few other jokers from the pack.

Not skipping a beat, the peanut gallery's already booming with opinions and wishlists, ranging from the optimistic "Eager to see what else Xenoverse 2 has in store!" to the downright tired "Are we ready for a new game? Yes, please!"

What's your take, dear reader? Want to join the guessing game parade? Or are you counting the minutes until this beloved relic retires to make way for the next generation? As for me, I'm already reserving my popcorn for the next grand reveal. Remember, staying curious is never a bad thing, at least that’s what this cat says every time it crosses my path.

And to all Bandai Namco executives, if you do read this, pretty please! Can we have another 'Watermelon Game'? The last one really made a splash, and with summer around the corner, it’s the perfect time for a sequel. Just note: no one likes seeds in their digital watermelons! So whisk them away, will ya?!

Lastly, to our dear Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, a toast to your seven glorious years in the industry. No matter the vexing mysteries or the suspenseful plot twists, we can't help but continue in this dance. Here's to another year of frustratingly long load times, thrilling victories, and more secrets hidden in key arts. Bring it on, and keep us guessing!

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