Super Mario Bros. Wonder demos are in demand, but surprisingly not at kiosk stations. Fans call out for eShop demos they can test at home on their own Switch.

Mario Bros Mania: Fans Petition For Home Demos

Now, listen up, Mario fans! Last week witnessed the roll out of Super Mario Bros. Wonder demos across US-based Switch kiosk stations. These virtual shrines honor the new Mario game, teasing and tantalizing all those fans who can make the pilgrimage. But some fans are asking - nay, demanding - "Why can't we just experience this from our couches?" Why indeed, Nintendo, why indeed?

The announcement of the Super Mario Bros. Wonder demos immortality on these kiosk stations has led to an abundance of digital petitions calling for an eShop version. You see, the fact that these kiosks are exclusive to the US leaves many enthusiasts Mario-less, unable to have a crack at the demo. If you smell an uprising, you're not alone!

It's quite a scene: Fans holding virtual placards, their digital declaration simple and straight - "Put it on the eShop!" Take a glimpse at Twitter, and you'll see pleas for an eShop demo punctuating Nintendo's feed; dispatches sent from all corners of the globe, from folks who can't just hop on their Yoshi and gallop over to a kiosk station.

Nintendo, a Japanese giant, nibbling its digital sushi, is yet to give in to these pleading fans, for reasons bout as mysterious as the missing princess herself. One theory floating around like a Ghost House specter is that the big N is worried about dataminers heading down some Bowser-like tunnels ahead of the launch. But let's not forget, folks, we're entering the realm of speculation here.

Fans fortunate enough to have tried out the Wonder at these exclusive kiosks seem to be over the moon, or shall we say, have successfully jumped over the flagpole? Their words drip with positive impressions. Keeping these effusive reviews in mind, one can't help but wonder (pun intended), "Why Nintendo is acting all coy with the demo release?"

Now let's pull the curtain back a little and shed light on the in-store demo. It promises a trip down the Flower Kingdom, introducing all the wacky effects of the Wonder Flowers along the way. Take control of the largest cast of characters that a side-scrolling Mario game has ever boasted, and get a taste of some new power-ups like the Elephant Fruit. Tempting isn't it?

So here's the state of affairs, dear Mario lovers. An exclusive demo released, fans desperate for a taste, but unable to reach, shout up at the balcony where Nintendo stands, trying to catch the ear of their favorite gaming company. Will Nintendo give in, or maintain its suspenseful silence?

Meanwhile, the online echo has taken a singular tone, "Put it online, or don't play at all!" As we wait in anticipation, the fervor is a testament to the loyal love that Mario's fans have for their favorite plumber. A clear signal to the other gaming giants: This is what loyalty looks like.

So pop the question - Would you hitch a ride to a store just to give the Super Mario Bros. Wonder demo a whirl? Or, like so many fans across the globe, would you rather get cozy at home before embarking on this digital adventure? Whatever the preference, the passion for Super Mario Bros. is indeed a Wonder!

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