Saber Interactive announces a treat for fans of World War Z: Aftermath with a new premium episode and free update slated for release on PS5 on 5th December.

December to Welcome New Premium Episode of World War Z: Aftermath

Saber Interactive, creators of the globally popular action-packed game World War Z: Aftermath, recently announced an upcoming offering sure to thrill its gaming community. December will bring an exciting new premium episode, providing players with yet more immersive zombie-combat action.

The game developers shed light on the forthcoming episode in an engaging new trailer that previews Valley of the Zeke. Due for release on the PS5 on 5th December, this episode is set to immerse players deeper into the post-apocalyptic world of the game. Priced at $9.90 (approximately £8), it promises three thrilling new maps set in the desolation of Arizona. Players will be tasked with guiding a convoy of survivors to safety, navigating hazards across a desert landscape and the ruins of urban strongholds.

Yet the good news doesn't end with the new episode. Saber Interactive is also set to release new skins available separately for those who wish to further customise their gaming experience. Alongside Valley of the Zeke, a free update will be launched that brings further enhancements. The update promises new zombie enemy types appearing in all episodes, including an imposing Juggernaut with impressive offensive abilities and new military-style zombies sporting robust combat armour.

Aside from menacing new enemies, the free update also introduces a sturdy new Desert Eagle secondary weapon. This high-caliber pistol promises to give players extra stopping power when the going gets tough. The update extends further to include a new set of exhilarating mutators for Challenge Mode and Challenge Horde Mode. This includes options to equip auto-turrets with explosive ammunition, reduced lifespan, and the opportunity to embody the spirit of the Wild West by compelling all players to use repeating rifles and revolvers.

Available exclusively for Aftermath on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series, Saber Interactive has recently added the Rome XL map to Challenge Horde Mode. This much-acclaimed map will also feature as part of the December update.

Ever since its release, World War Z: Aftermath has received continued support from Saber Interactive, with regular updates and game enhancements like the aforementioned. This habit of regular support has certainly helped maintain the game's popularity.

Fans of the game should check out the trailer for the upcoming episode and free update insert here link of youtube video.

This ongoing commitment from Saber Interactive undoubtedly showcases their dedication to providing an unparalleled gaming experience. With the pending release of the new episode and free update, players have much to look forward to this December. So get ready and brace yourself for an action-packed adventure through an Arizona teeming with hordes of the undead. Surviving a world war against zombies has never been more exciting.

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