Director Chad Stahelski admits the adaptation of the award-winning Ghost of Tsushima game has been "tricky", but he is committed to bringing his favourite property to the big screen.

Ghost of Tsushima Film Update from John Wick's Director

It's an exciting time for fans of Ghost of Tsushima, the successful video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions. The adaptation of the game into a box-office hit is well on its way, with Chad Stahelski, renowned for directing the thrilling John Wick series, at the helm.

According to Stahelski, the project, announced several years ago, is making steady progress despite numerous challenges. This update, shared during an interview with Screen Rant, gives insight into where things stand. As the director and producer of the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima film, Stahelski confirmed that they already have a script. Furthermore, he stated that they are "very close to getting our sh*t together", indicating that the pieces are almost in place for a big push towards production.

However, it hasn't all been smooth sailing. Stahelski admits that the development of the film adaptation has been "tricky". He shed some light on the complexities involved, including navigating through studio politics, managing possible strikes, organising availability of critical team members, and even the intricacies of scouting locations for filming. It's this combination of challenges, and the sheer willpower required to meet them head-on, that makes the process far from straightforward.

But it's not just the technical and logistical challenges that Stahelski is focused on. He also shared his passion for the Ghost of Tsushima game and its narrative. His enthusiasm for the project is clear, with him labeling it as "one of my favourite properties of all time". Such a statement is no small praise, especially coming from an acclaimed director like Stahelski.

Stahelski's attachment to the game extends beyond admiration. In an earlier interview this year, he discussed the unique difficulty of condensing the vast and detailed storyline of the game into a two-hour film—a challenge he seems willing and eager to tackle. In talking about the game's virtual style, he reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining visual consistency between the game and its film adaptation. This includes his pledge to respect the game's cultural context by casting Japanese actors and incorporating Japanese dialogue in the film.

While it may still be a while before audiences can explore the world of Tsushima on the big screen, it's clear that the film is in capable hands. Stahelski's deep dedication, passion and vision for the Ghost of Tsushima movie promise a cinematic masterpiece that is worth waiting for.

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