Xbox will release a new bundle, the 'Series S Starter Bundle', later this month, offering customers a Series S console along with 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate absolutely free.

New Xbox 'Series S Starter Bundle' Coming Out Soon

Xbox is preparing to launch a new offering this month, the Xbox Series S Starter Bundle, available for customers worldwide. Though the name may sound exhilarating, the bundle is essentially a Series S console with a complimentary three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The Series S Starter Bundle comprises the Xbox Series S with 512GB storage. The console, on its own, retails at a price of £249.99 or $299.99. The bundle sweetens the deal by bundling it with a subscription to Game Pass Ultimate, available for three months at absolutely no additional cost.

Microsoft is marketing this bundle as an easy entry into the Xbox gaming universe. As per the company's statement, this bundle caters to first-time gamers, those in search of an ideal gift, or individuals keen to upgrade their console to next-gen.

With the Xbox Series S Starter Bundle, customers receive everything needed for an immediate start in gaming, straight out of the box. The next-gen speed and performance of Xbox Series S is complemented with a vast library of games accessible through the three-month subscription of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that the bundle includes – a deal worth $50 on its own.

Even though this bundle might not be the most spectacular offering that Xbox has ever presented, there's no denying the extra value it adds to customers' purchases. Three free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate certainly isn't something to be shunned.

The Xbox Series S Starter Bundle is open for pre-orders at select outlets starting today. Its worldwide launch for customers is slated for October 31st. For those interested in investing their Microsoft Rewards points, the bundle will also be retailed on the Microsoft Store.

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With the upcoming release of this new Xbox Series S Starter Bundle, fans and new users of the Xbox franchise have something to look forward to. So, gear up and prepare to delve into a seamless gaming experience packed with hundreds of fantastic games.

Whether you are already a fan of Xbox or looking to start your gaming journey, keep an eye out for this new bundle set to add a little more value to your purchase. Mark your calendars for the end of the month, pre-order if you can, and take the first step into the next generation of gaming with the Xbox 'Series S Starter Bundle'.

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