Wonka gets officially tagged with a PG rating by the MPAA, raising brows worldwide with a hint of candy-coated violence and cheeky language. How yummy!

A Gritty PG Rating for the Sweet Saga of Wonka!

News as crunchy as a Wonka bar, folks! Our favorite inventor of bonkers confections, Wilka Wonka, is back in action in his new biopic named after him - 'Wonka'. But here's a scrumptious twist - the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) has labeled it with a 'PG' rating on account of some reported violence, a smidgen of mild language, and a few thematic tidbits that could make the pristine sugar coating a little bit bitter.

Hold your gobstoppers, though! It’s not a horror-laden, teeth-clenching gore fest that is in store. The sprinkle of naughtiness might be from the presence of some notoriously delightful villains.

'Wonka' travels back in time to show us a young and vibrant Willy embarking on his sugary journey as an inventor of the best chocolates in town. But it turns out, the road doesn’t taste as sweet as his chocolates, thanks to our 'Chocolate Cartel' - the wicked trio of Arthur Slugworth, Mr. Fickelgruber, and Mr. Prodnose, who are determined to snatch away Willy's delectable ideas and recipes.

The trailer teases us with a sneak peek of Willy at loggerheads with this troublesome threesome, featuring a scene where Willy is hilariously trapped in a room that begins to fill with molten chocolate around glass floors (talk about delicious quicksand!).

Let's not forget, Roald Dahl, the mastermind behind Willy Wonka, always loved sprinkling his stories with a generous dose of dark moral dilemmas, often hidden beneath layers of whimsy and wonder. Hence, this 'PG' rating sails along the same current, as have previous Dahl adaptation movies. Tim Burton's adaptation of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in 2005 was no stranger to this rating either, mainly because of its darker tone and some eyebrow-raising innuendos sprinkled throughout the narrative. Heck, even the 1971 original 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory' witnessed the creepy Slugworth and an eerie tunnel scene but still managed to secure a 'U' rating!

So, sugar lovers, as it is, we remain on tenterhooks until the incredulously sweet but not-so-innocent 'Wonka' treats us to his adventures and misadventures. The deliciously dangerous journey of our favorite candy man hits world cinemas on the 15th of December. In the meantime, why not check out our list of upcoming films, hotter than a Fudge Mallow delight, set to drop in 2023 and beyond? And to make sure you don't lose track, we have curated a list of 2023 movie release dates!

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