A trilogy of Force gods and a Jedi’s galactic Aha! moment – this is the unraveling of Ahsoka's cosmic cliffhanger.

Baylan Skoll: A Cosmic Libra in the Force?

Just when you thought Ahsoka couldn't leave us on a bigger cliffhanger, they leave us hanging on the edge of the galactic precipice. With Grand Admiral Thrawn zipping back to the Milky Way with Ezra Bridger as his GPS, Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren find themselves vacationing indefinitely on Peridea. But wait, there's more! Remember the dynamic diva Ray Stevenson's character, Baylan Skoll? Yeah, he was seen marching onto his quest, leaving us all pondering about his destiny.

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of his destiny; a hangout with three mystical statues; one of whom drank way too much coffee and overlooked a valley. This ain't just any trio. They're the Father, the Son, and the Daughter, bringing balance to the universe since the Clone Wars. These divine hippies (Force gods, if you're feeling formal) typically reside in Mortis, a place just one map notch away from Wonderland.

Now, this might throw you off balance, but once upon a Star Wars episode, the Father tried to entice Anakin Skywalker into taking over his job, in a classic 'I'm tired of this corporate stuff, take over son!' move. However, Anakin was too committed to his LinkedIn title of the ‘Chosen One’ and respectfully declined.

As interesting plot-twists demand, some folks think Anakin somehow ended up doing the job anyway. Like, why Anakin? Well, Baylan mysteriously mimics Anakin in an Episode-flashback where the latter is searching for the Father. This coincidence, dear Padawans, is as subtle as a Wookiee on a stealth mission. Could our Jedi be possibly seeking the divine gig?

It's likely but there's a bummer. The Father was fond of Anakin, the Chosen One, and Baylan, even if he tries to balance his Jedi Janes and Sith Steves, might not be Chosen enough. And since the Daughter shares a symbolic Tweety with Ahsoka, the Son just might be feeling left behind.

So, is Baylan trying to step into the Son's Jedi boots? Given his shifting alignment, maybe he is going dark this season, although he's still pretty ambivalent about full-dark mode.

Well, the cosmic scales will balance themselves eventually! Until the next potential Ahsoka season plot bombs, we'll just have to grab popcorns and enjoy the speculation act with fellow Star Wars fans.

Sadly, actor Ray Stevenson passed away before Ahsoka released on Disney Plus. The cast paid a beautiful tribute to Stevenson, symbolically leaving us with Baylan's quest.

While we wait for answers, you can binge-watch all episodes of Ahsoka or catch up on your Star Wars lore with our comprehensive content list, discussing everything from the purrgil mystery to interesting theories about Hera and Jacen Syndulla. You can watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+ to get your Star Wars fix.

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