The latest free update for Windjammers 2 sports crossplay, new entrants, including an android and a Polish powerhouse, giving the disk throwing game a spicy spin!

Windjammers 2 Gets Quirky Update with Fresh Characters and Crossplay

Windjammers 2, the groovy arcade-y style flying disc game, has got a sweet surprise for its gamers! Publisher Dotemu is in a generous mood and is gracing your gaming screens with a sack full of free updates. Oh, and did I mention it's already LIVE? So polish those joysticks, fellow gamers!

So, what does this joyride of an update bring, you ask? Well, buckle up because it's raining new characters, a Walk-through mode and a dollop of crossplay madness. Kickstarting the parade of additions is the cutting-edge android, Jamma GX03, and our Polish Force of Nature (literally), Anna Szalinski.

Introducing, Jamma GX03, the robogal who gives the best in the court a run for their money! Designed by lead sponsor, Todemu, to combat a heat wipeout of audience numbers, she's here to stir things up! This ladybot not only aims to usher in a fresh wave of competition in the high-flying sport of disk hurling, but she's already warming up to be the crowd's darling.

Enter, Anna Szalinski, a circus orphan turned powerhouse weightlifter. Despite moving slower than the county bus, Anna's power throws can send the disc clear into tomorrow. Wanting to bring the cup home and use her newfound fame to advocate for animal rights and (dare I say) bring the circus down; she's here to quite literally, throw her weight around.

But wait, there's more! The update unwraps a Tutorial, Practice modes (thank heavens!), beefed-up online functions with a Lobbies feature and a full Crossplay. Think of it as a gateway to whack the disc across platforms; an absolute delight for those quarantined discord buddies living continents apart.

Dotemu did warn though that the onset of these additions equals a reset of online rankings (Bummer!). This means every disk thrower out there gets a clean slate and a chance to climb up the leaderboards. No favoritism here, folks! Every gamer, new or old, has to sweat it out from scratch.

The new update is out, folks and it’s begging to be booted up! Got any thoughts on these zesty new additions? Any plans to stir the pot and give our newcomers a try? Drop a line in the comments and let’s keep the laugh riot rolling! Windjammers 2 might be a game about throwing discs but we're here catching feelings. Game on!

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