Gargle your mead and sharpen your axes! Netflix's beloved Viking drama, "Vikings: Valhalla", is soon to unfurl its final season, promising a spectacular Viking send-off.

The Viking Voyage Ends: Wrapping Up "Vikings: Valhalla"

The final battle clamor is nigh, and it's time to bid a thunderous farewell to our favorite Nordic heroes - Leif, Freydis, and Harald - as Netflix confirms the upcoming third season of "Vikings: Valhalla" to be its last. On the bright side, it’s perfectly seasoned and already roasting on the Netflix spit for a hearty 2024 release. Netflix already tossed us a peek at the season, so get ready for a saga-licious feast! Upon polishing off your bouts of Viking action, keep an eye out for more Netflix canapés, such as "One Piece season 2" and "The Witcher season 4".

Filming for the third installment wrapped up and the slated premiere is in 2024. If we were to pit our longboats and foresee the launch date, it may be in the early chills of 2024, just as the previous two seasons did in the bone-cold months of 2022 and 2023.

While most of the royal cast from the previous seasons are returning in full scale, we bid adieu to Harald's half-brother, Olaf - since the Viking saga seldom dabbles in the supernatural, we doubt the poor chap will be making a comeback. Joining the seasonal lineup is Erik the Red - father of our bundle of Nordic joy, Freydis - played by the actor Goran Visnjic, famous for his role in "The Boys".

Where does the Viking ship sail from here? Spoiler alert: it takes us on an increasingly intriguing journey as Leif, having undergone a spiritual metamorphosis, seeks deeper insight into the Christian faith by voyaging to Constantinople. Harald, on the other hand, seems stuck in a tangled web of complex emotions, as the enchanting Elena, betrothed to the Emperor, tantalizes his heart.

Freydis’ pluralistic path, on the other hand, is draped in mystery. This pagan mother now has ample time to steer Kattegat into an era of peace and nurture her newborn son, unless a new threat to the Vikings arises. Emma, surrounded by intrigue and political dance in London, has dirt on Godwin, which she very well could use as leverage against him if push comes to shove.

While history might serve up some clues about the upcoming season, we can't help but wonder: could there be potential time jumps in the plot? Jeb Stuart, the creative mastermind of the series, has mentioned his aspiration to cover the entirety of the Viking era up until 1066, so don't be surprised if the storyline gets a bit jumpy.

And when can we expect the first snippets of the final season? If we're going by the past trends, the first glimpse of "Vikings: Valhalla season 3" might bless our screens during a late 2023 Netflix event or roughly a couple of months before the release.

All Vikings enthusiasts can catch the first two seasons of "Vikings: Valhalla" currently cruising Netflix's streams. For those who have yet to raise their Viking sails, the original six-season series "Vikings," set a hundred years prior to Valhalla's narrative, can be found on Prime Video. So tune in and brace yourselves for an epic Viking farewell that will surely befit the end of this legendary saga!

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