Seeking the heart of a Lucid Giant, with a David Wise score and over 200% Kickstarter funding, "Lucid" is all set for its 2025 Nintendo Switch release.

"Lucid" Boosted By Veteran Composer David Wise

Rejoice, Metroidvania fans (or should I say 'Celestoidvania' enthusiasts? Nah, that's too much)! The upcoming game, "Lucid," has scored big, much like an overweight uncle on a discount buffet. Not only has it surpassed its funding goal by a whopping 207% (put on your party hat, folks!), but it has also roped in big shot composer, David Wise, for its musical score. Now if that's not a reason to do the happy dance, I don't know what is!

Now, who is this Wise fellow, you ask? Well, only the magical tune wizard behind such iconic Nintendo titles as Donkey Kong Country, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Star Fox Adventures. Nothing major, really - if your definition of 'major' is stuck somewhere between 'amazing' and 'legendary'.

But let's not jump ahead. We know 2025, the Nintendo Switch release date of our precious "Lucid", is not exactly at our doorstep. It's more like a celestial body away. But based on what we know so far, "Lucid" is drumming up quite the impressiveness quota. Don't believe me? Here's how our ever-so-mighty publisher Apogee Entertainment describes it:

Dive headfirst into a mesmerizing world, on a hunt to snatch the Lucid Giant's heart across glittering caverns, snow-dressed ridges, and let's not forget the bone-dry badlands. With Crystal Arts, execute a symphony of double-jump and air-dash maneuvers to reach your goals. Hot-swap abilities to unleash those jaw-dropping attacks on pesky enemies and bosses that look like they've been hitting the gym...hard!

As for the target release date, we expect further info in the next few weeks or months. You know, in between counting down the days to 2025. Meanwhile, there's still some time to back "Lucid" on Kickstarter!

So, what say you? Is "Lucid" on your games-to-check-out radar? Are you doing cartwheels of joy for David Wise's involvement? Drop your thoughts in a comment. Let your metaphoric voice be heard!

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