Wild Card Football, an overly amusing spin on a classic American sport, underlines the hilarity in being a monstrous player with a football on a UFO-lit field.

NFL Gets Wacky: Giant Players, UFOs and Pinball!

Normally, I wouldn't be caught dead watching American football. But a game where I can super-size myself into a stampede, stomping through defenders like they're LEGO blocks? Now, that's my kind of sport! The game stirring up all this commotion? Wild Card Football, developed by Saber Interactive, is an insanely fun, Godzilla-themed spin on NFL simulation.

Wild Card Football takes your standard NFL player selection, like regular sports games, but then promptly trashes any semblance of normality. Imagine, if you will, football players the size of buildings, playfields scattered with gargantuan pinball bumpers, and UFOs (yes, you read that right, UFOs) flashing across your screen. You can gather, play with, and customize over hundreds of recognizable pros, from living legends like Colin Kaepernick to the late, great Walter Payton.

But wait, there's more! This game also incorporates a unique Wild Card system that allows players to conjure walls, go invisible, temporarily super-charge their team's stats and even freeze players in place (yet oddly still no option for a triple somersault touchdown move). So essentially, it's like your standard beer-binged, Saturday afternoon football fantasies, just translated into a real game.

The game's graphics nicely align with the theme, featuring exaggerated player proportions and fantastical stadiums that would make any Klingon shiver with joy. The artistry and concept smell like a perfect blend of Warhammer's Blood Bowl and the energy boost of Rocket League. The only question that remains is, do these wild card tactics actually work in the game, or does it transform it into an unpredictable pinball machine with a side of football? Only time (and maybe a few rage-quits) will tell.

Now, what's even more intriguing about this game is the notable presence of one Colin Kaepernick. A renowned activist, Kaepernick has been off NFL fields since 2016, when his kneeling protest during the U.S national anthem stirred heated debates. This game, however, allows him not just to return to the field, but to do so in a super-fun, not-so-serious mode, even promising a shift in the power dynamic of traditional football.

In Wild Card Football, players get to unmask their identities, figuratively and literally. Without their usual helmets, faces are revealed, reaffirming the concept that football is about the players, not just the institutions. With a pinch of realism and a hefty serving of fantasy, Wild Card Football is shaping up to be a deliciously wacky feast for fans and casual gamers alike.

Whether Wild Card Football turns out to be a touch down or, perhaps, a hilarious bundle of absurdities neatly gift-wrapped as a game, only time will tell. Amidst all this madness, one can't help but draw parallels to the PS2 brawler Def Jam: Fight for New York. While we wait for the dust to settle and the verdicts to roll in, why not take a peek at our list of the nine most extreme sports in games? After all, there's no harm in dreaming a little before reality (and those angry 20-feet linebackers) comes storming in.

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