Get an entertaining crash course in Persona 5 Tactica from the ever adorable and surprisingly demanding Sergeant Morgana — coming to your PS4 and PS5 soon!

Persona 5's Kitty Sergeant's Guide to "Tactica" Awesomeness

Welcome recruit! Stand to attention and wipe that confused look off your face! Entering into the wild world of Persona 5 Tactica is akin to Alice tumbling into Wonderland, the only difference is, our guide isn't a rabbit, but a highly passionate (and hilariously absurd) cat - Sergeant Morgana! This isn't just your regular video guide; it's a full-blown bootcamp that's set to transform you into a tactical genius. Heads up, this kitty's claws are as sharp as his instructions!

But first, a brief intel report. The highly recognisable JRPG flavour of the mainline Persona 5 has been yanked and swapped for a crunchier, tastier, and might I add, trickier SRPG battle method in Persona 5 Tactica. For those who have just uttered 'Huh?' — don't you worry. Sgt. Morgana is here to whip into shape every raw recruit who dares enter his training ground!

Sgt. Morgana’s video guide, or P5T Marvelous Tactical Training Series, are designed to bring you up to speed on the novelties of Tactica, slated to hit the PS5 and PS4 consoles come November 17th. The latest lesson is all about looking stylin' while smashing in heads (digitally, of course). It's called the All-Out Attack, Triple Threat. This move encourages agility, strategic positioning, and a love for causing chaos on the battlefield. Get your party of three around a doomed enemy and watch the insanity unfold!

Past lessons from our lovely Sgt. Morgana have focused on the gritty foundational stuff — the gritty glory of the melee attacks, the sweet sensation of earning a "One More" turn to keep the onslaught going, and other fancy tactics to have your foes running scared!

Though these tactics might seem complicated, remember folks, every expert was once a beginner. No one's expecting you to become a virtuoso overnight, but the least you could do is pay attention to Sgt. Morgana. You wouldn’t want to provoke the sergeant, now would you?

Let's spin that around a bit. Are you looking forward to getting into Persona 5 Tactica? Are you eager to put all these meticulous tactics to use? Or perhaps the thrill of Persona 3 Reload gets your gaming senses tingling? Don’t be shy! Roll call in the comment section, soldier!

Now, if I may channel a bit of our honorary kitty sergeant – "Hop to it gamer! There's a Tactica world awaiting your conquest!"

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