Who needs a summer sale when Sony's PlayStation Store is here, cutting prices for almost 3,000 PS5 and PS4 games? Console gamers unite, it's sale season!

Sony’s PS Store Dives Head-First Into Price Slashing Spree

Just when the PlayStation (PS) 5 and PS4 gamers thought they had been bestowed with ample gaming goodness, Pocket-Protector David (let's call him Sony) fights Goliath (high gaming costs) with a stone, if the stone was "a gigantic price cut on almost 3,000 games!" This is not a drill.

You might have thought Sony was just resting in the summer sun but nope. They've been busy slashing the prices of a truckload of games on the PlayStation Store. Think of it as the Independence Day fireworks of price cuts, the Thanksgiving feast of gaming deals. We're talking almost 3,000 games across both the PS5 and PS4 consoles. Now, that's a height Mount Everest would envy!

These financial fairy-godmother deals came riding in on a white horse as the Extended Play sale packed up its discounts and moseyed off into the sunset. If you still had your eyes on some coveted games from that sale, you better hurry, Cinderella. The clock's ticking, and you don't want to be left with a pumpkin!

The highlights? Well, lock and load your shopping cart with GTA 5, waiting to be stolen at £17.49/$19.79. There's F1 23 at £34.99/$34.99 for those seeking speedy thrills. Perhaps you fancy Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at £45.49/$45.49. For NFL enthusiasts, you've got Madden NFL 24 at a discounted price of £34.99/$45.49. No list would be complete without the addicting Among Us, now at a steal for £2.30/$3.49. Round it off with the action-packed Dragon Ball FighterZ at just £6.99/$14.24.

Many of these prices are dipping to new lows on the PS Store, like penguins diving for calamari. Searching for top-tier savings? You've struck the gaming equivalent of black gold, my friend.

Don't rush to cancel your date with Netflix just yet. You've got until October 25th to extract these gaming gems at discount prices. So put your finger on the pulse of gaming action and tell us, what're you buying?

The PS Store is a cornucopia of discounts right now. But as always, keep checking back to ensure you don’t miss out on any shiny pennies. Sony seems to have slipped into the shoes of Santa and is handing out early holiday gifts. Let's just replace the Ho Ho Ho, with Game On On On!

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