After Sony's reveal of the detachable disc drive in their PS5 models, Xbox users are wondering: "What about us?" An entertaining look into what could be a new era of customizability in gaming.

The One Where Xbox Might Get a Detachable Disc Drive

So, the next-day water cooler talk has it that Sony has finally unveiled its much obsessively speculated console revisions. The conversation-stealer? Disc and Digital PS5 models launching this November. As we gloated in Sony's glory, a thought struck, like an angry gamer losing their last life; "What about the Xbox users?"

We have our very own digital console with Xbox Series S, but the folks at the Xbox department have yet to add any disc drive to the console. A feature the "Mean Girls" at Sony are about to roll out. For those living under a rock, these new PS5 models come with a futuristic detachable disc drive. This means that owners of digital editions can now go 'vintage' and upgrade their console to incorporate physical media usage. It's as if the world is taking a U-turn and cassette tapes will be the next big thing! So, this becomes a bargain for those who fancy a budget entry into the gaming world with the option to add the full deck of bells and whistles later.

Of course, the Xbox Series X and S have always been as different as apples and oranges with their unique internal components and capabilities. But, hey! Who said apples couldn't use a little more fibre? Allowing Series S users to attach a disc drive could be the secret ingredient to take the cake from Sony. Microsoft might be playing "hard to get" hoping to transition Series S owners to Game Pass usage, but such a drive add-on might send us Xbox users swooning. Backward capability? Bring it on baby!

Now, we know you're also thinking out loud. Xbox Series S users, would you be tempted to buy an external disc drive for your console? How deep would you dig into your pockets for this cute little addition? Predictably, this accessory could become the latest gaming sensation, given how much thinner the Xbox Series S is on the wallet compared to Series X. Picture this – a Series S combined with an external drive, still considerably cheaper than a Series X. Sounds like a delicious recipe for the budget gamer, right?

So pull up a chair, grab a drink and let's hear your thoughts, Xbox loyalists. Do You Think Xbox Will Launch A Detachable Disc Drive For Series S? Maybe the gaming gods will be in our favour. There has to be a catch to the PS5 Slim Offical Unveil: Attachable Disc Drive, right? Right? Maybe not. Only time, and our stress levels, will tell.

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