With the unapologetic audacity of a show-off, a video game inspired by Initial D, titled Japanese Drift Master, spins, skids and slides its way to becoming a breakout at Steam Next Fest.

Toyoni Hachi Glides to Steam Next Fest Stardom

Into the category of "unexpected but totally not complaining", Japanese Drift Master, a remarkable open-world racer has cruised its way into the spotlight at Steam Next Fest. It borrows quite a bit from our much-loved Initial D and has turbo-boosted its way into the hearts of players.

The concept? It's simple, yet intriguing: pretend that the local tourism committee got drunk, declared a rural mountainous region a racing paradise, and you're off! Donning your probably-not-road-legal helmet and buckling into the driver's seat, the game emphasizes drifting (surprising, right?), challenging you to balance point collection and vehicular stability. It's kind of like Tony Hawk - if he swapped his board for a car and decided twisting rural roads were the new skate parks.

The starring vehicle for this ride is the cunningly named "Toyoni Hachi". If that sounds suspiciously like a famous car from a certain anime, you’re not hallucinating. It indeed has a striking resemblance to the Toyota AE86, a titan in the Initial D universe. So, no, you're not in a feverish car-nerd dream. While not officially Initial D, the game revs up its engine with heavy inspiration from the series - without the risk of a mysterious licensing monster flattening the whole thing.

Admittedly, taming the beast of drifting in racing games can be a tire-spinning task worthy of a Greek myth. Japanese Drift Master is no exception, but no fear, even if you pirouette into guardrails or tango with oncoming traffic, it's still a beautifully panoramic spin. Supported by an arsenal of racing wheels and standard Xbox gamepads, this racing ride balances itself somewhere between Fast and the Furious and "my first Hot Wheels race set".

The demo, a heavier appetizer than your usual, grants an open invitation to explore a chunk of the game's open world and test your skills in various driving events. From heart-pounding time trials to the ballet-like challenge of drift scoring, it is all about balancing speed with grace and control.

Its rapid ascent to the bronze podium of the Steam's 'active demo players' - only bested by the vampiric powerhouse Enshrouded - is a testament to its unexpected popularity. So, if you've been scouting for the top Steam Next Fest offerings, this game's high-octane success might just be what you're looking for. Now, if you'll excuse us, we’ve got a Toyoni Hachi to tame.

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