The seasoned gaming powerhouse, Dungeon Hunter, is making an electrifying return with their sixth instalment after an 8-year hiatus.

Spelunking Season: Dungeon Hunter 6 Premieres This Friday

Grab your boots (and maybe a helmet, too) adventurers, because the long-awaited Dungeon Hunter 6 is dropping on October 13th! The wait has been equivalent to completing a difficult level on one-tenth of your health, but the time has finally come. When was the last game released, you ask? Oh, just a casual 8 years ago. You know, back when dinosaurs still roamed – or was that just 2020?

Embracing a dormant lifestyle, like a tech-savvy bear in hibernation, Gameloft’s hit series is jolting back to life, ready to provide an exhilarating gaming experience. The Dungeon Hunter series, which started in the distant realm of 2009, has seen tremendous global success, boasting over 120 million downloads. Its unique gameplay cocktail, a blend of quick-paced action, riveting storyline, and an ocean of engaging content, ensures you're more riveted to your mobile screen than a cat watching laser-pointers on YouTube.

While Dungeon Hunter 5 was a gem in its own right, causing palpitations in our gamer hearts, it's Dungeon Hunter 6 that we're a-cackle about. Just like those daytime soap operas your grandma can't miss, the series' staple hack n’ slash gameplay proudly keeps its place in the limelight. Expect classic elements, with a modern gamer-friendly twist – all while retaining that signature spark that made you fall head over heels for the series.

The character class system, another hallmark of this series, hasn’t been left untouched. Everyone’s favourite weapon-wielders – from the Warrior with his trusty sword, to the Mage with his fearsome staff (perfect for those times when simply nothing less than a good whacking will do) – are all set for a triumphant return.

Dungeon Hunter 6 features a promisingly diverse hero lineup boasting a choice of five fearsome fighters. Starting with the Warrior, the walking muscle-tank who makes a great frontline hero, to the Archer or Assassin — the Chuck Norrises of ranged attacks — to the Mage, where the term 'hot stuff' gets a whole new meaning. And let’s not forget the Boon Sister. She provides more support than a sturdy hiking bra.

And here comes the twist – Dungeon Hunter 6 introduces a unique Lieutenant system, which lets you pair your hero with eerily powerful-looking creatures, forming the ultimate power duo. Ever wanted to fight alongside a fire elemental with an attitude? Ta-da! Meet Flame Lord. Want something more... sultry? Try the seductive yet deadly Delphyne. Or skip them both and unleash your inner dog lover with the dynamic Demonic Wolf. Yes, it’s a wolf. And yes, it has two heads.

Say goodbye to the days of yore (and boring, single Headed pets), and say hello to Dungeon Hunter 6 – a game where adventure, comedy, and infinite dungeon complaints come together in a glorious melting pot of fun. So buckle up, because Dungeon Hunter 6 is landing on the App Store and Google Play on October 13th. Others hoping for alternative RPGs? Your wait is over people, here are some of our favourites you can delight in on Android today!

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