The Visco Collection, available on Nintendo Switch, offers a thrilling revival of classic arcade games, enhancing the retro gaming experience with online multiplayer options.

The Visco Collection: Embracing the Retro Gaming Vibe

Many modern gamers may not be familiar with the name Visco, a lesser-known entity compared to retro gaming giants like Namco, Konami, and Capcom. Rooted in the early '90s arcade scene, Visco made a significant impact with their numerous contributions to Neo Geo hardware — a lineage honored by the seven games included in the aptly named Visco Collection, available on the Nintendo Switch.

PixelHeart, a publisher that has acquired rights to a portion of the Visco library, has taken it upon themselves to shine a light on the company's back catalogue. A result of this endeavour is the Visco collection, produced in collaboration with QUByte Interactive, introducing Visco's gems to the new generation of gamers.

Let’s delve into the assortment in the Visco Collection:

Ganryu is a ninja action platform game laced with beautiful colors and a smooth animation. Although the controls might challenge the player at the start, it offers a rewarding learning curve. Ganryu’s fusion of a feudal setting with early industrial elements paves the way for immersive gameplay.

Andro Dunos, one of Visco’s most popular titles, offers an engaging “shoot 'em up” experience. With an innovative weapon power-up system akin to Thunder Force, and an option for autofire, Andro Dunos stands out for its memorable gameplay.

Next in line is Flip Shot, a reminiscent of Windjammers, where air hockey is reimagined in a futuristic urban setting. An exciting mix of defensing, rebounding, and powerful special moves, this game promises thrilling player head-offs.

Flip Shot’s sequel, Bang Bead, expands on the character roster and features a redesigned laser wall system. Although the game does away with the shield feature, it still proves to be a fun diversion with a real pulse.

Captain Tomaday, released in 1999, might not be everyone’s top pick, but it surely marks its place with unique elements. The game features an engaging art style and a range of power-up states, combined with an interesting narrative where a flying tomato saves the world from Eggplant Aliens.

Switching the genre from shooting to sports, Goal! Goal! Goal! Represents Visco’s take on the popular football boom of the '90s. Simpler compared to other football games, Visco's title offers a straightforward, enjoyable, and competitive football game experience.

Last but not the least, Neo Drift Out; brings back the hit racing series with top-down isometric graphics. The arcade-style rally racing game offers multiple terrains, licensed cars, and gripping competitive multiplayer options.

The Visco Collection excels in its presentation, offering a nostalgic yet user-friendly (2D format) arcade machine setup. The sound settings, adjustable per game, are an added bonus. For each game, a quick information guide is provided highlighting multiplayer options and online availability.

The real charm of this collection lies in its online multiplayer feature (except for Ganryu and Neo Drift Out) adding to its appeal. From co-op or versus modes, the online options play a significant role in enhancing the retro gaming experience. Despite the servers not being notably active at the launch, this feature is expected to gain traction among retro game enthusiasts, thereby boosting the collection’s overall potential.

The Visco Collection bridges the past and the present, introducing '90s arcade magic to the modern gaming landscape, and in doing so, ensures these classics continue to survive and thrive.

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