A comprehensive ranking of all the movies in The Conjuring Universe, providing a detailed look at the horror franchise's best and worst entries.

Ranking The Conjuring Universe Movies

As The Conjuring Universe continues to expand, with currently eight official movies as well a non-canon entry, it becomes a bit challenging to keep track of Ed and Lorraine Warren's adventures on the big screen. Not to mention, figuring out which ones are truly worth watching can be a struggle. The original film centered on the real-life demonologists, the Warrens, who were among the first investigators of the famous Amityville haunting. Fast-forward 10 years later, most of the franchise's sequels take their inspiration from the Warrens' life. Given the variety of films, we've decided to pit them against one another and rank them from worst to best.

Starting at the bottom, we have "The Curse of La Llorona". Despite the commendable acting from Linda Cardellini, the movie falls short mainly due to its weak connection to the franchise and an overwhelming reliance on generic jumpscares. Coming in one step higher is "Annabelle". While the prologue is impactful, the movie lacks the atmospheric flair of the original Conjuring film, making it a less-than-stellar spin-off.

"The Nun", despite its visually appealing production design, falls short of creating true horror, putting it halfway down the list. Its sequel "The Nun 2", while a notch better than its predecessor, suffers from a predictable and repetitive horror narrative.

The much darker "The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It" boldly tackles public perceptions and criticism of the Warrens, offering a refreshing switch-up from previous movies. However, it lacks in compelling horror, relinquishing its chance at the top.

"Annabelle: Creation" is a solid horror prequel, boasting an eerie Annabelle origin story and some genuinely good scares. This put it higher up the list.

Coming in third place is "Annabelle Comes Home". Though not the best, it provides a much-needed energy boost to the franchise by diversifying its scare tactics and introducing teen protagonists.

In second place, we have the delightful "The Conjuring 2". This sequel brilliantly utilizes artistic cinematography and character drama bringing to life an otherwise familiar story.

Finally, taking the crown is the original film that started it all, "The Conjuring". With a harmonious blend of memorable scares, engaging writing, stylish costume design, and standout performances, it is no surprise that it holds pride of place. Its focus on the united front of Ed and Lorraine rather than the usual trope of marital discord in horror movies stands out, becoming the franchise's secret weapon.

The Conjuring Universe has come a long way from its modest $20 million origins. From the haunting tale of the Warrens to chilling spin-offs, the tapestry of this horror franchise is as vast as it is terrifying. Through evaluating each film, we can appreciate not only the highs and lows of the franchise but the impact it has had on the horror genre.

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