Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's director Naoki Hamaguchi reveals his pet cat Musashi's cameo in the popular game, sparking curiosity for potential reappearances in the upcoming sequel.

Pet Cat of FF7 Rebirth Director Appears in Game

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the iconically thrilling action-RPG, doesn't skimp on feline details. Cats can be found in every corner of its grimy, desolate version of Midgar city. However, one such feline character stands out from the rest, as it has recently been revealed to be inspired from the real world. The game's director Naoki Hamaguchi took to Twitter to reveal that his pet cat, Musashi, served as the model for one cat in the game. The charming revelation came three years after the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Hamaguchi explains, "I have a cat named Musashi. He is the model for the cat that was walking on the wall of Jessie's family house." He accompanies his words with a side-by-side comparison of Musashi and his animated counterpart. The resemblance is uncanny – the virtual cat, notably more detailed than its pixelated peers, can be seen confidently strutting along Seventh Avenue in the game. Musashi's animated avatar, for all intents and purposes, is a street cat inhabiting the slums of a notorious underground city in the game's world. Yet, the representation retains a degree of unrealistic cleanliness, further distinguishing it from other in-game feline characters.

Now that the surprising model behind the game's adorable cat is unmasked, attention turns to future prospects. Fans are fervently wondering, will Musashi reappear in the upcoming sequel - Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? With Musashi not showing up anywhere else in Midgar, speculation runs wild that he may have made an unsuspecting escape from the city. Ils further suggest that the beloved feline might mew his way back into the hearts of players via a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reappearance elsewhere in the game's world, Gaia.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, scheduled to hit the gaming scene on February 29, 2024, carries the potential to answer all queries regarding Musashi's virtual journey. Meanwhile, fans can at least rejoice in the fact that they have mastered the pronunciation of Cait Sith, a traditionally difficult-to-pronounce character name in the game.

On another note, the development team behind Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth continues to keep fans on their toes by hinting at an earth-shattering twist from the original game. With the third game in the trilogy only on a first-draft script stage, the air of suspense and heart-throbbing curiosity remains thicker than ever. All things considered, the narrative's progression promises intriguing plot twists, mysterious character developments, and hopefully more heartwarming cameos like Musashi's.

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