A year after its release, Disney Dreamlight Valley is adding new content, premium expansions, and in-game freebies for both PS4 and PS5 enthusiasts.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Anniversary Brings Exciting Surprises

Disney Dreamlight Valley, one of the most flourishing live service games on PS4 and PS5, has some surprises up its sleeve as it celebrates its first year of release. The first-anniversary live stream shared a peek into what fans can expect in future, despite some being irked by its business model.

Getting up to speed, the developer Gameloft had intended for the game to go free-to-play after its Early Access period. However, it decided to continue the premium pricing strategy despite its relatively costly content, moonstones and Star Path. In contrast to free-to-play mobile games that thrive mainly on periodic user engagement, Disney Dreamlight Valley requires daily participation for players to gather increments of virtual money.

Cheering up the mood, players can enjoy a couple of free in-game items as a part of the game's first anniversary. They can simply start the game, open the Help section of the setting menu, and enter the redemption codes DDVBALLOON and DDVHEADBAND.

So, what's coming next?

Firstly, the fans can gear up for the much-awaited 5th December update. It will introduce Jack Skellington, the loveable protagonist from Nightmare Before Christmas, to your Valley. The Star Pass would also have a season-apt arctic theme, adorned with outfits mimicking the attires of diverse Disney princesses.

The prime addition, though, would be the much-awaited feature - ValleyVerse. This online multiplayer mode will let you visit your friend's village, trade items, and shop at the in-game stores. Now that's a sure-win way to boost the in-game economy!

As we move into 2024, the game will further broaden its scope by adding a new world inspired by Monsters Inc. This will feature Mike and Sulley as new permanent residents of the Valley. Plus, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog will make an appearance later in the year.

However, the most notable launch would be the optional $29.99 expansion pack, "A Rift in Time". This pack will virtually add an entirely new island to the game - Eternity Isle. Set to roll out alongside the anniversary update on 5th December, the island will invite three new characters EVE, Rapunzel, and Gaston.

Eternity Isle will not only welcome you with fresh quests revolving around the Aladdin Villain Jafar, but it will also offer a new tool to extract items from portals. Moreover, the expansion pack will host an array of new ingredients, recipes, items, and even a new mini-game.

As an added bonus, this expansion will come bundled with 5000 Moonstones, usually priced around $19.99 when bought separately. Thus, the players will find considerable value bundled into this expansion pack.

While many players may find the addition of another island unsettling to their existing island set-ups, Gameloft has embraced this new direction. Although the cost might be a deterring factor for some, the gamut of brand-new content on the horizon is sure to keep the players intrigued and engaged.

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