The game Lies of P has crossed the million sales threshold and game director Jiwon Choi announced plans for a sequel, among other developments.

Lies of P Nets A Million Sales, Promises Sequel

While savouring the astonishing success of the action-RPG game, Lies of P, game director Jiwon Choi stunned gamers with the announcement of a sequel in the works. Fondly described as a PC substitute for the gaming sensation, Bloodborne, Lies of P continues to garner accolades and engender excitement among gaming enthusiasts. The sequel isn't the only expansion on the horizon - players can look forward to gameplay tweaks, free cosmetics, an upcoming soundtrack release, and a DLC (downloadable content), all to enrich the gaming experience further.

The news which came as a part of a Director’s Letter, also had an intriguing side: Choi wearing a bunny-eared gas mask. The announcement arrived just after Lies of P breached the million-sales mark in October — marking a significant milestone for its developers, Neowiz Games.

Jiwon Choi conveyed the firm's commitment to concurrently developing the DLC for Lies of P and its sequel. To bolster development capabilities, Neowiz Games is actively on the lookout for additional talent. Choi was quoted as saying, "Our highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel." And it's not just about manpower; the team is exerting considerable brain effort to conceive and explore the different dimensions these projects could take.

Impending tweaks to the gameplay via the November patch demonstrate the team's proactive approach towards making the game more engaging and player-friendly. Certain aspects of the game's Weapon Assemble system are being reassessed to optimize player loadouts. The revision attempts to ease beginners into the game by enhancing starting stats and making the Rising Dodge ability a default rather than a skill that needs unlocking.

For a dash of whimsy, the update will also enable players to add an ample number of aesthetic adornments. Characters will soon be able to sport glasses and hats concurrently, with novel additions like the Alchemist's Hat and a fresh pair of glasses available for exploration. Even a dog avatar is ready for your adoption, in line with the developers expressing their gratitude for player support.

Barely divulged concept art sketches give a muted hint of the upcoming DLC. They hint at a pumping station etched with tanks and conduits and a rustic wooden ship. Dates for the DLC release remain uncertain, and the gaming world is waiting in anticipation for a more detailed outline.

Fans of video game soundtracks can expect a magnificent treat from Lies of P's comprehensive soundtrack release, inclusive of over 60 tracks. This will undoubtedly amplify the immersive gaming experience and deepen player connection to the Lies of P world.

Thrilling news for players globally, the announcement of a sequel to Lies of P, the upcoming DLC and immersive features, underline the developers' commitment to captivating and indulging their vast player base. The future of the game looks promising, with enhancements constantly added to refine and diversify the customer experience.

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