Modern Warfare 3 listed as merely an extension rather than a standalone game on PS5, causing some consternation among players expecting a platinum trophy.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Treated as DLC

The recent release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) stirred up a whirlwind in the gaming community. Although it was anticipated to be a blockbuster expansion for Modern Warfare 2, it didn't quite live up to expectations.

The controversy has roots in Activision's marketing strategy leading up to the release of MW3. In the gaming world's heated leadup, it was made to seem that MW3 would provide an expansive and immersive addition to the universe of Modern Warfare 2. However, the final product is being sold as a standalone First Person Shooter game for the PS5 and PS4 consoles. This distinction has led to a rather puzzling situation concerning the game's trophies.

Noticed first by Powerpyx, a noted trophy collector, the list of trophies for MW3 on the PS5 profile isn't separate but rather assembled under Modern Warfare 2 as an add-on, or more commonly known, DLC (Downloadable Content). Oddly enough, the PS4 version of MW3 maintains its own trophy listing along with a Platinum Trophy to strive for. The PS5 version however requires the player to buy, and complete, Modern Warfare 2 to achieve 100% completion on their PS5 profile. Completing a series of challenges in the new open world Zombies mode and executing specific feats in single-player missions will also aid in acquiring these rewards.

Out of the ordinary, a AAA game, priced at $70, devoid of a Platinum Trophy is an unusual scenario. This feature is mostly encompassed by just a handful of indie games hitting the market without the much sought-after trophy.

Why did this anomaly occur? The answer might be traced back to how the Call of Duty games are handled through the Call of Duty HQ app. It includes the likes of Warzone 2, Modern Warfare 2, Vanguard, and Black Ops Cold War. This allows users to swap amongst the games from a single menu. Although it was meant to streamline the users' interaction with multiple installments, it felt more like an inconvenience. This unified hub concept might have found its way into the trophy listing as well, culminating in Modern Warfare 2 becoming the lead title for the categorizing of further games.

Regardless, game collections have been circumventing this problem for some time now. Collections like the Mass Effect Legendary Edition were dexterously divided into individual trophy lists for each game. The Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection, despite stumbling in its attempt, still managed to assign each PS1 and PS3 title a separate platinum trophy.

Disappointingly, it appears that Activision missed the chance to tackle the problem. Therefore, avid trophy collection enthusiasts desperate for the platinum trophy in Modern Warfare 3, named "A Soldier's Purpose," the PS4 version of the game seems to be their only recourse. Despite the fresh approach, this hurdle left many gamers scratching their heads, questioning the branding choices behind one of the biggest franchises in gaming history.

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