Fans can now pre-order the Nendoroid figure of Shiori Fujisaki, the iconic character from Konami's dating sim game, Tokimeki Memorial.

Tokimeki Memorial's Shiori Fujisaki Now a Nendoroid

Shiori Fujisaki, the leading character in Konami's dating sim series, Tokimeki Memorial, is being transformed into a Nendoroid. Dedicated fans of the series can now pre-order the Nendoroid figure.

Fujisaki first appeared in the 1994 game, Tokimeki Memorial, released for the PC Engine Super CD-ROM². In the original game, she was portrayed as the protagonist's childhood friend and his primary romantic interest. Since then, she has made appearances in various spin-off games as well as other Konami titles including Ganbare Goemon 3, Snatcher, and the Konami GB Collection, among others. Eager players can now add this endearing character to their collections.

The new Nendoroid of Fujisaki comes with three interchangeable facial expressions: a confessional expression, a smiling one, and a special 'Tokimeki' faceplate. In addition to these, the figure includes a school bag accessory and a background sheet for creating varying poses and scenes. The cost of this figure is $40.99, and the expected release date is planned for the fourth quarter of 2024.

Good Smile US and Good Smile International, renowned for their production of the popular Nendoroid figure series, have opened pre-orders for this figure. The Nendoroid series is recognized for its signature style: a small, adorable figure with a large head-to-body ratio. The figures usually come with multiple parts, including face plates and accessories, which allow owners to customize the figure's poses and expressions.

This release adds to Tokimeki Memorial's already impactful presence in the gaming world. The dating sim has not only inspired multiple sequels and spin-offs but has also created marked shifts in the gaming industry. This game was one of the first of its kind to emphasize relationships and complex characters over adventure or action-based gameplay, which was primarily the trend in the 1990s. The success of Tokimeki Memorial led to a surge of similar simulation games, fundamentally redefining the face of the gaming industry.

Many fans have eagerly anticipated Fujisaki's Nendoroid release as she is one of the most beloved characters from the series. Her development from a childhood friend to a romantic interest in the first Tokimeki Memorial game made her a favorite among players. The game's influence has spanned generations and has undoubtedly shaped the current landscape of simulation games. This latest figure excellently captures Fujisaki's charm and personality, allowing fans to bring a piece of the game's world into their own.

Even almost three decades after the game's release, Tokimeki Memorial's legacy continues to endure. With Fujisaki's Nendoroid figure, fans not only rekindle their memories but also introduce a new generation to the distinct magic of this classic game. The game’s enduring popularity, combined with the appeal of Nendoroid figures, makes this premier figure a prized addition to any gamer's collection. Whether you are a longtime enthusiast of the simulation game genre or a new fan, Shiori Fujisaki’s Nendoroid figure is a piece of gaming history worth cherishing.

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