Aim Inc. updates its battle RPG “DanMachi Battle Chronicle," with new characters Ottarl and Freya in its limited-time event, "All-Comers Championship Decider Match."

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Welcomes King Ottarl and Beauty Goddess Freya

Aiming Inc., the developers of the dynamic battle RPG "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Battle Chronicle" or more commonly known as "DanChro," recently announced an enticing update to the game. The latest inclusion is a time-constrained event called "All-Comers Championship Decider Match" that is sure to excite even the most seasoned players. Fascinatingly, this update sees the introduction of two entrancing characters - King: Ottarl and the Goddess of Beauty: Freya.

The championship event, which will run till December 5, centers around the thrilling narrative of a massive sumo wrestling festival in Orario, organized by the famous “Ganesha Familia”. Taking part in the event also opens up fantastic rewards like upgrade materials and Selas, the game's currency, through an exclusive daily login bonus. All players need to do is continuously login the game to secure these beneficial gifts.

Concerning the fresh characters, King: Ottarl presents advantageous prospects in fights with a Special Move that can equip players with status debuff resistance. On the other hand, the Goddess of Beauty: Freya brings a unique dynamic with her capacity to cast an inflicted Earth damage reduction effect on her enemies. She also has the power to heal your units, making her a much-required Assist character on a player's side.

For those intrigued by the enticing gameplay of DanChro, eager fans can immediately plunge into this immersive action by downloading "DanMachi Battle Chronicle" from the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android devices. This free-to-play game does offer in-app purchases that can enhance the gameplay experience even more.

Moreover, gamers can join the active community on the official Facebook page to remain updated on all the latest happenings within the world of "DanMachi Battle Chronicle". One can also gather further information on the title by visiting the official website. Apart from these, interested individuals can glean a sneak peek into the gaming vibes by watching the embedded clip that gives a firsthand experience of the game’s electrifying environment.

The addition of King Ottarl and Beauty Goddess Freya, combined with the anticipation of the grand sumo wrestling festival narrative, is sure to greatly heighten the gameplay experience. DonMachi Battle Chronicle continues to offer players a chance to not only improve their in-game strategies but also enjoy the unique narratives that the creators bring to the table. The event, running until December 5th, helps players to consistently have fun while upgrading their materials and enjoying the beautifully designed game characters. So gear up, ensure your timely logins, and brace yourself for an incredible gaming journey!

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