A total of seven games will soon leave Xbox Game Pass, according to Microsoft. Notable among them are three classic Battlefield titles by EA, slated to be removed by the end of November 2023.

Xbox Game Pass Bids Farewell to Seven More Games

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's video game subscription service, is set to experience a reduction in its line-up as it plans to remove seven games come the end of November. This removal may be poignant for some players as it includes some heavy hitters from Electronic Arts, popularly known as EA, and other developers.

From April, three classic Battlefield titles, namely Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, ceased being available for purchase as EA chose to pull them from digital storefronts. Microsoft recently made public that these titles will be further removed from both Xbox Game Pass and EA Play. This move precedes the closure of their online servers the following month.

Besides the Battlefield trio, the other departures due for November 30th include ANVIL, Disc Room, Eastward, and GRID. The platforms affected by this move include Console, PC, and Cloud.

For those looking to grab these departing titles, there's a silver lining. The games that are still available for purchase are currently live at a 20% discount, a rate which may be reduced even further in the coming days. Game enthusiasts are reminded that Microsoft's Xbox Black Friday sale – an event anticipated to offer further discounts – should be happening soon based on similar occurrences in previous years.

Despite the number of games leaving, the Xbox Game Pass is not without its additions. Between November 17th and 28th, Microsoft plans to introduce three new games into the service. Further information about these inclusions are expected to surface nearer to the date.

The decision to remove games from Xbox Game Pass may be disappointing for some subscribers, however, Microsoft is actively working to bring in fresh titles to keep the gaming platform exciting and vibrant. Therefore, while we prepare to bid farewell to seven more games by the end of November, we can also look forward to welcoming new titles to the game subscription service.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has managed to retain its appeal by continuously evolving and adapting its gaming arsenal. This meticulously managed, dynamic mix of games is what has made the service a success. Despite some favorite titles being discontinued, the service maintains the trust of its users by regularly bringing in fresh, exciting games. The future continues to look bright for all game lovers engaged with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

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