Classic PC-88 games, Thexder and Relics, have been re-released on the Nintendo Switch eShop via a new initiative, EGG Console, coordinated by D4 Enterprise and Project EGG.

Thexder and Relics, PC-88 Classics, Now Available on Nintendo Switch

This month welcomes the arrival of two classic PC-88 games — Thexder and Relics—on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This impressive feat was achieved via cooperation between D4 Enterprise and Project EGG. D4 Enterprise, a publisher based in Tokyo, has a reputation of restoring classic games for archaic Japanese computers, such as the MSX, PC-88, and PC-98, mainly through the Project EGG service on Windows. Currently, they have embarked on a new initiative, 'EGG Console,' aimed at bringing many of these titles to the Nintendo Switch. In a delightful twist, these releases seem to be available on Western storefronts as well.

From the stables of the developer Game Arts, Thexder was initially published in 1985 and had been released for several platforms including PC-88, PC-8000, PC-98, Sharp X1, FM-7, NES, MSX, Sharp MZ-80B/2000/2500, Apple II/IIGS, DOS, Amiga, TRS 80-CoCo, and Macintosh. In this action-adventure game, players pilot a robot that can transform into a fighter ship. The robot’s abilities allow players to tackle obstacles in the environment and battle adversaries.

The Nintendo Switch eShop provides an overview of the game, describing Thexder as an action-packed shooting game that puts the player in charge of the hyper dual-armor "THEXDER," a transformative machine capable of becoming both a robot and a fighter. Players venture into the battle to destroy the magnetic field generator of the asteroid Nediam, navigating through 16 stages (plus 16 backstages). The game’s high difficulty level and lack of a save function make it a unique challenge, urging players to exhibit their very best at every moment.

In contrast, Bothtec’s Relics, originally released in 1986, put players in control of a drifting spirit that assumes the abilities and powers of defeated enemies, thus unlocking various new attacks. The PC-88 game, available on platforms including PC-98, MSX, Sharp X1, FM-7, Sharp MZ-80B/2000/2500, and Sharp X68000, also presents multiple routes and endings, accompanied by music from the Japanese pop band, Crystal King.

The cryptic narrative of Relics, described on the Nintendo Switch eShop, revolved around two powerful consciousnesses that have been locked in an eternal conflict. This confrontation results in the creation and destruction of various substances, possibly including the universe itself. This enigmatic backdrop provides the setting for the atmospheric action-adventure game, where the main character roams as a spirit in the ruins that suddenly emerge from beneath the sea. Through exploration, players gradually understand their mysterious circumstance.

Both the games, priced at £5.39, are now available for purchase from the Nintendo Switch eShop. More releases from Project EGG are anticipated in the future, promising exciting developments in nostalgic gaming.

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