Crytek game developers discuss the possibility of creating a single-player campaign for their acclaimed multiplayer shooter game, Hunt: Showdown.

Crytek Considers a Hunt: Showdown Single-Player Campaign

The developers behind Hunt: Showdown, Crytek, discuss the possibility of introducing a single-player mode into the multiplayer shooter world. The company is considering using the game's plague-ridden lore as the backdrop for this potential single-player adventure. However, this potential addition to the Hunt: Showdown universe, famed for its immersive multiplayer environment, is still in the contemplation stage.

Hunt: Showdown, initially released on Steam and Xbox early access in 2019, added single player Player versus Environment (PvE) trials in June 2020. This move was welcomed by the gaming community, and the game also now features a voiced tutorial where players can familiarise themselves with the game by stalking around farmhouses and targeting wooden dummies, per a mysterious figure in the bushes' instructions.

There is a possibility that a proper story component could be added as well, general manager David Fifield mentioned in a recent interview. Without any official announcement, he clarified that the idea for a narrative campaign has been bandied about among the developers. He further clarified that the team has started thinking about the world and its lore more deeply, citing the scripted tutorial and its narrations as a testament to this.

Fifield also spoke on the use of voices in their marketing campaigns. New characters, the Hunters, are being given voices and backstory to add more depth to their personalities. However, when it comes to a focused single player campaign or a whole separate product for single-player gaming, no confirmations have been made yet. But Crytek do lean towards narrative and backstory, and these aspects may continue to be strengthened.

There is some interest seen among users to play a solo narrative-based game in Hunt's gloomy Louisiana, with its unique set of antagonists including killer crocodiles, zombies, and demon spiders, even though gamers have appreciated the intense atmosphere generated by the possibility of another player lurking nearby, ready to ambush for bounty.

As for now, Crytek's concrete plans for Hunt: Showdown include a new map and biome to be launched next year. Accompanying this update will be an engine upgrade to CryEngine 5.11, improving the graphical fidelity, the engine Crytek is famous for, especially for large outdoor environments.

Fifield is hopeful that the upgrade will enhance loading times for maps, fidelity, water, and weather graphics. The update will be completed by a renovated User Interface (UI) intended to attract new players from both PC and console platforms. This new UI will be more understandable, better suited to new players and more universally applicable to both PC and console players.

In conclusion, gamers can eagerly await more upcoming news next week from Fifield, where he will share his thoughts on diverse topics like live service games, how to develop sequels for them, and more.

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