Gaming developer, Insomniac, patches a popular 'Spider-Cube' glitch from Marvel's Spider-Man 2 much to the disappointment of its ardent followers.

Insomniac Patches Spider-Cube Glitch in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Following the release of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 last week, an unexpected glitch that turned superheroes Peter Parker and Miles Morales into a small cube became a fan-favorite. Now, the game developer Insomniac has patched out this endearing bug, but it seems that not everyone is happy about the cube's departure from the game.

In an unusual turn of events, players reported encountering a glitch that turned the traditional web-slinging characters into a bite-sized cube. This anomaly wasn't just confined to the game's suit menu. Once players selected it as their preferred avatar, they could navigate New York City's bustling streets, floating high above the urban expanse as a buoyant cube.

Interestingly, the cube took on an identity of its own, with the term 'Spider-Cube' coined to denote its existence. The mystery surrounding the cube's origins only seemed to add to its charm. Was it once a lowly block of tofu, forever transformed following an unfortunate encounter with a radioactive spider? As speculation about its backstory rolled on, fans grew increasingly attached to the enigmatic cube.

Among the fan base, creativity began to flow, with fans generating various artistic interpretations of Spider-Cube. The character quickly gained cult status, firmly embedded in the legacy of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 despite its glitch-born existence. However, Spider-Cube's reign was not meant to last.

Unfortunately, due to its nature as a glitch, Spider-Cube was not intended to be a permanent feature within the world of Spider-Man. Insomniac has now removed the cube in the game's Version 1.001.003 patch. Nevertheless, Spider-Cube was not discarded without a proper tribute. The developers' official Twitter account posted an homage to the fallen hero with a gravestone and cube emoji, signifying a mournful farewell.

It was not long after that Twitter was awash with fans expressing their sadness at the exit of Spider-Cube. Users replied to the developer's tweet, calling it the "end of an era" and pleading for Spider-Cube to be reincorporated into the game as an available suit selection. Still, others mourned the loss of the charismatic cube, remarking it will be missed dearly.

While Spider-Cube is no more, the game's adventure continues with a new amusing glitch that allows Venom, another character, to go touring around New York City. However, players need to exercise caution with this fun hiccup as it might compromise the game and corrupt their save files.

Despite the loss of Spider-Cube, the game still holds many surprises for its players. In a recent development, a player has uncovered the wicked fate of the character Rhino in a previously inaccessible location of the game. But, as far as many are concerned, there'll never be another glitch quite like Spider-Cube.

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