The Spiderwick Chronicles, once trashed by Disney Plus, finds a housing solution in Roku for its whimsical story to unfold in 2024.

The Spiderwick Chronicles: From Snubbed to Subscribed

When Disney Plus waves the wand to vanish you off their platform, fret not! For life has a funny way of peeking through the darkest of clouds; it was certainly so for the fantasy series, The Spiderwick Chronicles. The series, which Disney Plus unceremoniously dumped even before its debut, has now been adopted by the loving arms of Roku, a rival streaming service. Yes, folks, we are talking about a major custody battle here!

Roku has swooped in like a doting step-parent, according to the gossip mongers over at Deadline. They’ve secured the U.S streaming rights to the series, with a planned playlist of eight magical episodes. Get ready folks, your Roku screens will birth these fantastical creatures into your living rooms in early 2024.

The Spiderwick Chronicles, where Hollywood biggies Christian Slater and Jack Dylan Grazer flex their acting muscles, is cribbed from the well-loved fantasy books by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. Dipped in a cauldron of fantasy, the series follows the wild escapades of the siblings - Jared, Simon, and Mallory. They stumble upon a magical book in their new spooky dwelling, the Spiderwick Estate. One can anticipate a lot of running-amok, funny blunders, and hairy encounters with goblins, trolls, and ogres. What's interesting to note here is that the Chronicles had a previous fling with the silver screen in 2008, although our upcoming series claims it has no hanky-panky with the old flame.

Our series wasn't the solo Disney Plus-que casualty, though. Another finished series which was sent to the bin in August was Nautilus, a sea-worthy adventure based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Cast members including Shazad Latif of the Star Trek Discovery fame, Georgia Flood, Thierry Fremont, Pacharo Mzembe, Damien Garvey, and Richard E. Grant will be seeking new seas to sail.

This cut-throat habit of streaming services to strip perfectly well-crafted projects down to rubble is becoming a notorious trend. Epitome of this brutal tale being Batgirl, whose flight was abruptly suspended before it could take off on HBO Max.

However, it's not all gloomy in the streamingverse. If you're thirsting for something new, keep your peepers peeled for a fresh batch of TV shows coming your way really soon. Additionally, Loki season 2 is bemusing audiences currently on Disney Plus. To ensure you stay in the glamour of the glitzy streaming world and avoid becoming an obliterated series, check out our guides on Loki season 2's timeline within the Marvel universe, the premiere Loki season 2 post-credits scene, and a chronological guide to watch the Marvel movies.

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