Rumour: Gaming giant EA in Disney's crosshairs for potential acquisition. Disney CEO remains non-committal despite pressings from within the company.

Disney Flirting with Idea of Purchasing Company Like EA

Disney CEO, Bob Iger, has been thrust into the middle of the rumour mill as chatter within the house of mouse reportedly suggests buying out a gaming behemoth such as EA to pump up Disney's games business. Now imagine Mickey Mouse with the firepower of EA's game catalog. Intimidating yet fascinating, right?

This tidbit of gossip, from the ol' inside source, suggests a seriously mousey ambition to reign dominant in the video game arena. However, before we start planning a Disney themed battle royale, we should note that this is all hearsay at the moment. There isn't a gold-plated contractual agreement flying around Disney headquarters waiting for Iger's princely signature just yet.

These speculations aren't totally out of the blue, either. EA has been rumoured to be the damsel in distress in numerous scenarios, reportedly making backroom chats in looming shadows with biggies like Microsoft.

And if you know Disney, you know they are no strangers to playing the acquisition game. Yet, Iger for now, appears as if he might welcome a cup of tea more warmly than the idea of acquiring another colossal gaming company.

If the many anonymous murmurs have truth embedded in them, then Iger is rumoured to be quite "noncommittal" towards the idea. This could be translated into, "Maybe next week?" or "Over my withered broomstick!" Who knows with these CEOs and their coded language?

There are reports you can even pay to read but we're not in on that game. It’s a general peek at Disney's roller coaster ride through the entertainment industry, and currently, it doesn’t involve EA. But who knows what the wizarding hat will pull out next, right?

The inevitable question looms - how would you folks out there feel about Disney buying EA? Would it take the gaming world to a whole new world or transform it into a grim fairy tale? Do let us know how you’re preparing for this potential corporate matrimony.

Especially share if you are the sort who believes, "Ah, yes. Two of the worst entertainment companies on the planet. They're a perfect fit for each other." But of course, one might argue, "What's bad about Disney other than they just buy everyone out to take their IPs instead of creating their own then milk said IP over and over?"

And then there's the truly concerned, "I think the only thing much worse than Disney or EA is Disney + EA. We would almost never see an original IP again." which sends shudders down our spine.

So let the speculations marinate, after all who knows what tomorrow holds? Perhaps a Disney owned Star Wars: Fallen Order sequel or a Mickey Mouse battle royale? The possibilities are as endless as Disney sequels. It’s the circle of game, as they say.

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