Telltale Games streamlines its workforce, yet promises The Wolf Among Us 2 will continue barking. The fate of newly-acquired Flavourworks hangs by a thread.

Telltale's Trim Down: Devs Cut but Wolf Still Howling

In another round of musical chairs no one wants to play, Telltale Games has banished an unspecified number of developers into the wilderness. This unsought reduction in digital elves was announced on the gloom of October 5, right when people started dreaming about their escape routes from the city for Halloween.

Of course, the decree, harder to decipher than a girl’s "it's fine," came curtly; the number of displaced souls remains mystery. Still, the folks helming The Wolf Among Us 2 studio confirmed that their team was a smidgeon leaner, though refusing to tally the exit slips.

Worry not, dear gamers, the studio reassured that their project chopping block remains untouched. The eagerly anticipated sequel, The Wolf Among Us 2, remains on their development workbench, intact. So, imagine your relief like getting the last slice of garlic bread at a carboholic convention.

The rumor that the developer had "trimmed the wolfpack" came galloping earlier on the sad October day. A cryptic tweet hinted that Telltale had turned their once robust team into lean, mean, coding machines earlier in September. Any insider knowledge about the lycanthropic sequel was tightly locked behind a non-disclosure agreement, left unspecified and unsatisfying, like an overhyped season finale.

The lightning bolt of layoffs isn't just isolated showers over Telltale. If you remember, this downpour started right after telling us that they've adopted UK-based Flavourworks into their family. The new kiddo, best known for the FMV game Erica, was left mysteriously untouched in the announcement—leaving us to wonder if the layoffs hurt them too.

Telltale isn't the only studio sending their brave soldiers into the job market. Recent reports suggested that the likes of BioWare and Naughty Dog have also bid au revoir to their crew, with indie developers like studio Dang closing shop entirely. Stunning developers even after their applauded launch of Boomerang X.

Meanwhile, The Wolf Among Us 2 is said to "stand on its own," so if you haven't played the first, don't sweat it. So hold on to your controller, folks! Despite some rough seas, your beloved lupine adventure remains on track. At the end of the day, the silver lining in all this layoff cloud is that the wolf shall howl again!

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