True to his namesake, Frank "Wesley Blade" gives a grand tribute to Marvel's unforgettable vampire hunter in an unexpected Cyberpunk 2077 Easter egg.

Surprise, Dracula! Blade Sneaks Into Cyberpunk 2077

So, you're wandering through the seedy back alleys of Night City, dispatching gang members here and there, when suddenly you find yourself in an ice skating rink. Alright, not literally, but it does feel that way as you stumble upon a Blade... um, I mean, "Wesley Hunt," Easter egg amidst the neon haze of Cyberpunk 2077.

In a startling revelation for both Blade fans and Cyberpunk enthusiasts, a player hit Reddit to share their encounter with someone who could, without doubt, double as Wesley Snipes at a comic convention. Draped in his signature shades and toting a katana with a flair that would make Tarantino blush, the nonchalant carnage around our mysterious Wesley suggests he’s been busy introducing some Night City not-so-innocents to their maker.

Looking a tad hairier than the clean-cut Snipes, our cyber-psycho-wannabe Wesley not only bears the undeniable Blade persona, but also inheriting the vampire hunter's love for dramatic entries. How else do you explain his initial state of invisibility that drops like a cloak the moment you step in his kill zone? Talk about theatrics!

Our friendly neighborhood Blade-wannabe seems to have had a busy night in the club, given the telltale corpses strewn about, all reductions of a katana showdown. And if the rumor mills are spinning true, there was even some "emo vampire night club music" playing, giving the whole scenario an orchestra of the absurd, making us giddy fans nostalgic about Blade's memorable intros.

While the jury's still out on whether Blade mistook the club patrons for a vampire horde or was just having a really, really bad day, evidence reveals he popped an experimental pill that cooked his noodle and turned him into a cyberpsycho. Yep, sounds about right. After all, what good is a homage if it doesn't include a dose of Blade's famed unpredictability!

This hardcore Blade tribute is more than just a fun surprise. It’s a brilliant nod, a gleeful easter egg laid into the grimy shadows of Night City. Are you playing the Nocturnal Liberty saga right now? Do check out our comprehensive guide for every haunting endgame scene it offers.

Night City might be a hot mess, but remember, even in this dystopia, there's always room for an MF-er trying to ice skate uphill!

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