A quirky Starfield mod has transformed all spaceships into iconic children's character, Thomas the Tank Engine, causing raised eyebrows and occasional laughter among gamers.

The Unconventional Thomas the Tank Engine Starfield Mod

For fans of Bethesda's Starfield game, a jarring new development has emerged. An eccentric modder has substituted every spaceship within the game with the familiar image of children's mascot, Thomas the Tank Engine. The makeover is, understandably, a major source of confusion, amusement, and even alarm.

The man behind the mod, known only as Trainwiz, provides an eerie backstory. Thomas, the friendly train from the childhood series, has been condemned, as per Trainwiz's narrative, to perpetually roam the stars due to his unforgivable crimes. Although the sight of Thomas in a galactic setting is intriguing to behold, one shouldn't fear. Despite his intimidating presence, space-traveling Thomas is harmless. However, if gamers wish to add this strange and unsettling twist to their Starfield experience, the Thomas mod is readily available for download on NexusMods.

Once the mod installation is complete, Thomas the Tank Engine takes over the vessels of the game. Every single spaceship, including player’s own cruise and enemy vessels, all become iterations of Thomas. Trainwiz quips that Thomas will include even the formidable Starborn ship, refusing to apologize for the bizarre turn the game takes as a result of the mod.

In between working on his own space flight game called "Underspace", Trainwiz managed to find time to create this uniquely terrifying modification. Players' reactions to the mod have been mixed, ranging from amusement to bewilderment at the sight of a childhood icon transformed into an eerie space entity.

Thomas's overwhelming size within the game may cause a few technical hiccups that players might need to manage independently. The mod could also conflict with Starfield's shipbuilding and third-person flying features, along with other mods or texture replacements. Yet, as Trainwiz amusingly suggests, if players have chosen to install this peculiar mod, they may be willing to embrace the chaos it could cause.

Though Thomas the Tank Engine might be a beloved childhood icon for many, his integration into the gaming world hasn't always been a cheerful experience. A gloomy version of Thomas was previously included in a Resident Evil 2 Remake mod, and his appearance seemed to ramp up the fear factor in that game. Likewise, a Valheim player constructed a bulky train replica, using wood and a troll's head - an oddly unsettling sight.

On the flip side, there's a particularly creative Starfield player who constructed a Thomas-themed spaceship that was notably ordinary compared to the shocking Starfield mod. It appears that Thomas's transition into cosmic horror games might continue to enthrall, amuse, and create unique gaming experiences for many more years to come. For those seeking to escape the haunting image of Thomas wandering the stars, a host of other Starfield modifications are available, promising less unsettling, yet equally exciting gameplay experiences.

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