An exploration of the first DLC expansion for Dead Island 2, titled "Haus"; the game takes a surreal twist incorporating elements from Bioshock and Deathloop in a unique blend of horror-themed gaming experience.

Dead Island 2's "Haus" DLC Brings a Touch of Bioshock and Deathloop

Dead Island 2 by Dambusters has presented intriguing concepts of gameplay since inception, with combats and exploration patterns that drew audiences to their vibrant virtual Los Angeles. With the introduction of the game's first DLC – Haus, players can expect an immersive shift towards more complex environments, coupling the overall gaming experience with hints of Bioshock and Deathloop.

In Haus, players are transported to an outlandish psycho-horror dreamscape located in the serene Malibu. The bios of this dreamscape dwells in a colossal modernist mansion perched on the coastal area of 1960s design, but it's not just an ordinary residence. Allegedly headed by Konstantin, a character bearing similarities to Andrew Ryan, this abode is actually the base for a wealth-based cult, filled with weird and wonderful surprises at every corner. Reminiscent of Arkane's intricate level designs, the design and gameplay adopted in Haus seem far from ordinary, encouraging players to explore intricate and complex surroundings.

According to details on the official Dead Island 2 website, players are cautionarily invited to this dreamscape, with the author warning against accepting the invite, However, adventure-seeking players who have purchased the Dead Island 2 expansion pass are already committed to this deranged exploration – a labyrinth of biomes featuring model towns enclosed in glass cages, and strangely appealing neon diners with a pig-headed boss. This fresh environment seems significantly more engaging than the primary game's areas, which included various hotels, influencer McMansions, and military checkpoints.

In addition to its vibrant Bioshock-like surroundings, the Haus expansion also introduces new gameplay elements including eight new skill cards. These cards are set to amplify player abilities in zombie combat, allowing them to customize their characters for the ultimate survival. Other new additions include at least two new weapons – a discreet scoped crossbow for precise eliminations and a less subtle "Hog Roaster" meant for incendiary cleaving. These weapons provide a uniquely different yet interesting gaming experience in the expansion.

Despite the intriguing hype surrounding Haus, it's merely the first DLC pack for Dead Island 2. The second pack, titled SOLA Festival, is slated for release in the coming year. Anticipation undoubtedly builds as the audience anxiously awaits what else Dead Island 2 has in store, given the immersive playing environment and unique gameplay introduced with the Haus DLC. Ultimately, the design, story, and horror elements of Haus offer a surreal gaming experience, comparable to Bioshock and Deathloop.

Though Haus may have its intriguing peculiarities and occasional complexities, as seen with the pig-headed boss and biomes, it mirrors the beauty of choice and engagement, ultimately adding depth to the game. The DLC offers players an opportunity to deviate from the regular gaming norm, allocating a refreshing spin to the base that is Dead Island 2. Haus provides a perfect interplay of horror, survival, and exploration, further enhancing the overall immersive gaming experience offered by Dead Island 2, setting the stage for what's yet to come in future expansions.

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