Australian film distributor, Umbrella Entertainment, plans a 4K re-release of the 90's cult classic, Super Mario Bros. This comes just in time for its 30th anniversary, featuring four new releases with exclusive bonus content.

Super Mario Bros. 1993 Film Set for 4K Global Release

The 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. movie is set to make a new worldwide debut in 4K. Australian film distributor, Umbrella Entertainment, made the announcement on their social media channels, opening up pre-orders on their official website.

The live-action Super Mario film, released in 1993, starred renowned actors Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo. Despite being a critical and commercial disappointment upon its initial release, the film has since gained a notable cult following online. This can be attributed to its distinctive elaborate sets and an intriguing production background. While initially dismissed by critics and audiences, this Super Mario adventure has been able to cultivate a dedicated fanbase who are fascinated by both its storyline and creation.

Umbrella Entertainment seeks to cater to this widespread interest with the new release. Coming out just in time for the film's 30th birthday, the re-release will present audiences with four jam-packed versions of this cult classic. Each version comes loaded with feature enhancements aimed at satisfying the curiosity and nostalgia of its dedicated followers.

The new editions include a two-disc Blu-Ray priced at $49.95 AUD, a combo of 4K UHD and Blu-Ray at $59.95 AUD and a three-disc collector's edition that is accompanied by additional features, including a special behind-the-scenes book costing $110.00 AUD. The biggest draw of them all might be the 'Trust the Fungus' Collector's Edition, which is priced at $150.00 AUD. This edition bundles all of the contents mentioned above and piles on an even more extensive collection of bonus content.

All editions will feature some common elements, such as newly recorded audio commentaries by the film's crew members, a newly restored workprint cut, and restored deleted scenes. Fans will also relish the opportunity to delve into academic featurettes, commercials, music videos, and numerous other surprises that one could hope for in a commemorative film release.

Those intrigued by the origins and production of the movie or simply nostalgic for the film may find these releases worth exploring. According to the official Umbrella Entertainment website, the release date for all versions of the film is scheduled for January 2024.

This move by Umbrella Entertainment shines a renewed spotlight on a piece of video game movie history, one that has somehow managed to capture the hearts of many-a-fan worldwide. The Super Mario Bros. film has clearly demonstrated its resilience, bearing the test of time, and emerging triumphant into cult popularity despite its initial hiccup. Its 4K re-release is undoubtedly set to delight long-time fans and may even whip up interest in a new generation of viewers. It serves as an interesting dive into the elaborate movie sets which were based on the globally loved game and the captivating production history behind it. This is a story about a film that fought the odds and emerged victorious, just like our beloved Mario brothers themselves. As we await the new release, "trust the fungus" could just be the mantra for Super Mario fans worldwide. It seems it surely was for Super Mario Bros. the film. It trusted, and it succeeded. The new release in 4K is testament to the movie's unlikely victory run!

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