Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone, valued at a cool million followers, shared a skeleton of his newest concoction, Haunted Chocolatier. Spoiler: It's Stardew Valley meets ghost hunters!

Stardew Valley Creator Offers Spooky New Game Teasers

Prepare for a mix of farming and frights as the Stardew Valley maestro, Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone, hits a million followers and releases tantalising teasers for his new game, Haunted Chocolatier. Candy and creepy crawlies, anyone?

Saluting his 1 million Twitter fan club jubilee on October 4, Barone treated us to a few surreptitious snapshots of his after-dark venture. Let's be frank, we've been haunting him for information about his latest creation and these images certainly answered some bone-rattling questions. There's more to learn, naturally, including the all-crucial release date. However, given the eerie beauty of these released shots, the mystery around this seems more tantalising than ghostly.

If you thought Stardew Valley was a visual treat, prepare to be spellbound by the haunted charm of these screenshots. From the inside of dreary, ancient houses to the heart-stopping action sequences, they make one thing clear - we're in for a whole new kind of brain-freezing terror. Yet somehow, amongst the ghoulish glamour, the heart-warming charm of Stardew Valley seems to have quietly sneaked in.

Peek a little closer and you'll notice some exciting touches that hint at gameplay. A mysterious plant creature is engaging in a conflict, and its health is displayed above it with a tiny, suspenseful '5'. With Barone confirming that Haunted Chocolatier will peel back the curtain on combat more than Stardew Valley, this screen capture has left us in a bit of a cold sweat.

Lucky for us, this is not the first taste of Haunted Chocolatier that Barone has devilishly dropped. A month ago, he shared a cryptic snap of a wizard-like figure, snoozing away in a sea of books. Do we sense a connection between this character and grandpa from Stardew Valley? Who knows! This chocolatier of horror is spinning its own web and we can't wait to be caught up in it.

To those still holding a torch for the farming life, fear not. Barone hasn't left Stardew Valley to gather spiderwebs. The 1.6 update is being harvested as we speak, and it promises to be a bumper crop.

So, whether you're a Stardew Valley loyalist, or eagerly awaiting the sweet, sweet torture of Haunted Chocolatier, it appears that Barone is serving up a double scoop of gaming pleasure. All in all, it seems that he knows how to keep his one-million Twitter followers delightfully on edge. Here's to another million, Ape! And some more peak-into-the-closet game shots, please?

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