A Starfield aficionado's groundbreaking mission of interstellar exploration thwarted by two uncooperative planets, thanks to a bug that won't let them spawn the fauna.

Gamer's Galactic Non-Completion, Courtesy of Two Bug Infested Planets

This tale is one part David Attenborough, one part Elon Musk, and three parts tragic-comedy: a saga of one Starfield gamer's cosmic dream to be the Christopher Columbus of new planets, turned nightmare by two bug-infested planets. Or as we like to call him, "The Almost-Conqueror of The Stars!"

In the gaming equivalent of "Conquer or Die", Reddit user u/DoomZero took it upon himself to live out Starfield's Constellation ambitions with more fervor than a caffeine-pumped astronaut. His mission: Investigate every possible planetary nook and cranny. A mission that, for most people, would be considered a nerdy nightmare, but for our gaming Galileo, it was as seductive as a siren's call.

With a resolve stronger than Vibranium, our interstellar Indiana Jones threw himself into his task, sacrificing a staggering 180 hours of his RPG gameplay for space exploration that would make NASA green with envy. Out of a total 200 hours clocked on Starfield thus far, almost all were dedicated solely to mapping every planet he came across like a cosmic cartographer on a caffeine high.

Rumor has it, he has his exploratory methods as streamlined as a space shuttle. "There are 5 skills that reduce time and effort of full surveys," he discloses, sounding like a veteran preparing for a lecture at Space Academy. "Astrophysics, Zoology, Scanning, Botany, and Surveying - take notes and apply generously. Don't forget Boost Pack Training with a skip boost pack and Fitness to improve oxygen use."

Mapping the stars seems to be as clinical and methodical for him as a perfect scientific procedure. Unfortunately, his perfect scientific procedure was stymied by what could only be described as a practical joke by the Universe in the form of two pesky planets. Two insubordinate celestial objects, namely Masada III and Beta Marae I, simply refuse to spawn the necessary fauna, leaving our space crusader's quest of scanning supremacy cruelly unfulfilled.

So, like a Shakespearean tragedy injected with a dose of cosmic humor, our saga currently lies suspended. Our intrepid traveler thwarted in his quest, the galactic equivalent of Sisyphus. But hey, who knows what Bethesda, Starfield's developer, might do in the future?

Until then, we can all buckle up and traverse the Starfield universe through the enlightening (and sometimes infuriating) experiences of our cosmic hero. If you want to get more details about the other compliant planets and areas, our Starfield biomes guide and Starfield planets guide have got you covered.

In the meantime, let's raise a virtual toast to u/DoomZero, the Almost-Conqueror of the Stars, and his relentless pursuit of fully surveyed visions of the universe despite the impassive glitch gods throwing a cosmic spanner in the works.

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