Pokemon GO’s Harvest Festival welcomes fall's changes with new Pokemon, challenges, bonuses, and treats to keep trainers engaged and entertained.

Pokemon GO Harvest Festival: Newcomers & Treats Galore

It's fall y'all and Pokemon GO invites us all to jump into a pile of autumn leaves and catch some fresh grass-type Pokemon in its much-awaited Harvest Festival. As leaves start to change color in your local park, so does the vibe in Niantic's uber-popular pocket monster hunting AR extravaganza. Starting October 12 until the 17th, the harvest is plentiful in Pokemon GO. Slice some pumpkins and get ready for a festival of fun!

At the heart of the Harvest Festival is the much-anticipated debut of the plump and adorable Olive Pokemon, Smoliv. Its evolutions, Dollic and Arboliva are also joining the Pokemon GO lineup, but, hey, you’ll need to gather a whopping 125 candy to evolve from small olive to big tree. So, it’s time to stretch those legs and get your ‘catch ‘em all’ mode on.

Sharing the limelight with Smoliv will be hordes of other grass-type Pokemon like the ever-cute Bellsprout, the silky Sewaddle, the delicate Petilil, and the cottonball Cottonee, among countless others. We’ve also caught wind of some regional exclusives strutting their stuff in different parts of the globe: Red Flower Flabébé will be seen flaunting its beauty in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, while Blue Flabébé will be basking in the Asia-Pacific, and Yellow Flabébé popping a sunflower pose in the Americas.

Who said the fun stops there? Hold your pokeballs because there's more! As the festival celebrates harvest, trainers will have plenty of bonuses to reap. The Mossy Lure Modules will last longer, a hefty two hours, and will have an increased chance of luring the plump Pumpkaboo. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want more cute, pumpkin-shaped Pokemon in their lives? Catching Pumpkaboo will also hand out extra candy because, well, harvest!

There's also a code bonanza happening right now with this month's latest pokemon GO promo codes offering lots of freebies. If you’re a fan of racking up rewards, there are Field Research tasks and Collection Challenges that will grant you XP, more Stardust, Mossy Lure Modules, and encounters with themed Pokemon. Whew!

Willing to shell out a few bucks? For $5.00, you can purchase the Ticket of Treats Timed Research. It features special missions loaded with goodies similar to the above. So if you’re a hardcore fan of the game, it's definitely worth considering.

For one last hayride, some select PokeStops will host Showcases during the Harvest Festival. Trainers get to enter Smoliv, Pumpkaboo, or Gourgeist in the contest to earn some well-deserved treats. So, get your game face ready, and may the best Pokemon win!

So, get your hats and scarves ready, fellow trainers, because it’s time to frolic amongst the autumn leaves and embrace the change of seasons the Pokemon GO way! So, what are you waiting for? Get Pokemon Go, lace-up those shoes, and let’s catch 'em all, one Pumpkin Pokemon at a time!

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