Nintendo reveals numerous modifications, additions and fixes in the new Splatoon 3 update, up versions to 5.1.0. Changes include tweaks to special weapons, multiplayer terrain, and Splatfest data, among others.

Splatoon 3 Releases Update 5.1.0 with Extensive Changes

Nintendo has officially released the latest Splatoon 3 update, making essential transitions to Version 5.1.0. The announcement, made in mid-October 2023, depicts the game as undergoing a series of significant updates that affect a variety of gameplay aspects, including the addition of Splatoween Splatfest data and changes to multiplayer mode.

The most substantial content in the new update is the addition of Splatoween Splatfest data. Here, players will get a taste of the Splatoween spirit as they navigate through the game.

The patch notes also highlight several modifications to the multiplayer mode. The terrain in Mahi-Mahi Resort has undergone changes across all modes. Some main weapons have been tweaked, like the Splattershot and L-3 Nozzlenose, with their movability, and damage based on a shot's trajectory, now being more gradual and efficient. The S-Blast ’92 has had a reduction in ink consumption by approximately 15% and an activation of midjump shot-scatter reduction. The Painbrush has had its ink recovery time reduced by about 1/6 of a second after swinging the brush. The Hydra Splatling now has a 10% increased movement speed while charging and an approximately 8% boosted firing duration.

The update didn't neglect the special weapons either. The Killer Wail 5.1 has had its damage increased by approximately 17%. The Kraken Royale's movement speed has been positively impacted, making it about 11% faster when not charged. Tenta Missiles have been nerfed, having their explosion area radius decreased by approximately 15%.

Notably, the points required for some special weapons have also changed. The Aerospray RG, Rapid Blaster, and Big Swig Roller are now 190, down from 200. The Squeezer, Custom Dualie Squelchers, and Splatana Stamper have an increased requirement, going to 210 from the previous 200, and the Tri-Slosher Nouveau's requirement has gone up to 200 from 190.

In addition to the modifications mentioned above, the new update has fixed several issues found in the game, improving the gaming experience for Splatoon 3 players. These fixes range from player controls, multiplayer discrepancies, salmon run problems, and Splatfest glitches. These include resolving animation and music timing, stopping unwanted environmental clipping, and ironing out gameplay hitches in the heat of battle.

To ensure players keep enjoying the weapons and features of the game, the update touched several points, compensating for player adaptation, presenting more options, and preventing accidental victories, among others. The team is also working on the next patch for Splatoon 3, scheduled for mid-November, promising to bring in the Deep Cut amiibo data.

The release of the update seeks to improve the gaming experience by optimizing Splatoon 3 mechanics and dynamics. The anticipation is high for gamers eager to try the adjustments on the battlefield, with fans of individual weapons keen to see how their gameplay will change. It is clear that Nintendo continues its commitment to enhancing user experience and creating a more balanced, competitive, and engaging environment for Splatoon 3 players.

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