Developers have released a new character trailer for Metria, offering gamers a closer look at the personalities and abilities of the main characters of this anticipated 3D ARPG.

Unveiling Metria: The Upcoming 3D ARPG by Asobimo Inc

In the world of online gaming, Anticipation brews as developers Asobimo Inc reveal a new trailer that introduces the characters of their upcoming 3D Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG), Metria. Pre-registrations have been pouring in and the latest trailer is ramping up the excitement.

The trailer is especially interesting because it breathes life into our three main protagonists, all interesting figures with unique skills and mysteries, preparing to embark on an engrossing journey. The story begins with Rio Calquinos, a young boy burning with the ambition to become the fabled Astra Knight. Fate hands him the torch of the legendary warriors, but cruel circumstances forced him into exile from the royal capital soon after an enemy invasion.

Finding themselves on destiny's twisted path, Rio and his companions gear up to restore balance and peace. Rio is not alone; he is paired with the enigmatic Aru, a demi-human of undisclosed motives. Aru shares the journey with Rio, showing an engagingly reticent side combined with an easily provoked nature. Unlike Rio, Aru keeps mum, possibly harboring secrets, her quiet silence leaving many in suspense for what's hidden.

Adding a touch of blue to the trio is the final character, the Knight of the Blue Spear. A budding Astra Knight himself, this comrade often fills in as Rio's confident, steadfast friend from their shared childhood. His sober thinker's disposition becomes a grounding force, balancing the group's dynamics and offering a sturdy shoulder to lean on.

Since its announcement, Metria has drawn in an impressive wave of pre-registrants, surpassing 100,000 in less than a month. To celebrate this milestone, developers promise all players a reward of 6,000 Star Stones. These special gems can be used in the game's gachapon-style system for players to win different characters and tarots. In addition to these stones, players should also expect to receive 10,000 Lunas and a Book of Hermits.

The excitements don't end here though. Developers are dangling a carrot in front of their fans, promising the Exclusive Tarot Amidst Memory Blossoms at no cost if they can reach 200K pre-registrants. If you have not registered yet, do not miss this opportunity- pre-register for Metria on the App Store and Google Play. For those curious for even more details on the game, more information is readily available on their official website. Join the wellspring of anticipation for Metria and dive into a brand new adventure!

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