The popular Cookie Run franchise will launch its first-ever web series "Last Cookie Standing", an exciting adventure for fans, featuring storylines with their favorite characters.

Cookie Run: First Web Series Launching Soon, "Last Cookie Standing"

The beloved mobile gaming franchise, Cookie Run, is rolling out its first-ever web series. Developers, Devsisters, has recently announced this exciting development, set to bring a new flavor to how the fans can enjoy their favorite digitized confections. The show called "Last Cookie Standing," promises to immerse followers into an all-new fun-filled adventure.

"Last Cookie Standing" whisks viewers away to the Tropical Soda Islands where a group of 12 Cookies challenge each other to be the titular 'last-cookie-standing.' Although the series is set in an alternate timeline, fans can still look forward to the typical Cookie Run humor that they've come to love from the games.

Marie Suh, CEO of Devsisters USA, shares that the CookieRun community plays a vital role in their endeavors. She highlights that they are aware of their 6.5 million followers across various social media platforms and are continuously striving to deliver experiences that resonate with them.

"Last Cookie Standing" signifies a notable milestone in their CookieRun journey. According to Marie Suh, it mirrors the sweetness of the game's outer layer while revealing a reality that's much deeper. The series was created and written by the team members who are devoutly engaged in the vibrant fandom of CookieRun.

The series is not just about edible animated characters; it also stars renowned voices that bring them to life. The voice cast comprises Jason Monarcha, known for Transformers: Combiner Wars, as Tea Knight Cookie. Yong Yea voices Madeleine Cookie, reprising his role from "Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth". Amber Lee Connors, from Genshin Impact, plays Rye Cookie and Dani Chambers, the voice behind "Spy x Family", gives voice to Caramel Arrow Cookie.

As of now, the exact launch date of the series remains under wraps. However, "Last Cookie Standing" is expected to air weekly on the Cookie Run: Kingdom YouTube channel starting early November. For fans eager to join in on the fun, they can now download Cookie Run: Kingdom from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. It's a free-to-play game with additional in-app purchases available. Fans can also spin in some extra fun by using redeem codes to snatch some bonus in-game items.

In the realm of mobile gaming, games like Cookie Run break new ground by spinning off properties into different entertainment mediums. The introduction of the "Last Cookie Standing" web series is anticipated to bring a fresh crunch to the franchise universe, broadening the ways for fans to connect with their favorite confectionary characters. For now, the only thing fans can do is await the adventure to unfold as the tropical soda sunrises, anticipating which cookie will be triumphant on the sugary sand beaches. With new allies, foes, experiences and above all fun, the upcoming web series is a sweet treat not to be missed.

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