Japanese gaming Magazine Famitsu takes the lead in reviewing the long-awaited 2D sonic game, 'Sonic Superstars'. Let's see if the blue speedster's comeback is worth the wait!

Sonic Superstars Game Reviews Roll In: Much ado about Sonic!

Hear that? It's the sound of Sonic racing back into our lives. And not in 3D or any other extra-D for that matter. We are talking about a good ol' blast from the past; Sega's iconic hedgehog hero Sonic, making a grand return in the 2D platformer scene with 'Sonic Superstars'.

And who else would be the first to have a peek, if not Famitsu, Japan's high-flying game publication. With just days left for our beloved speedster's come back performance, Famitsu lays down their first impressions, and it seems like the Blue Blur is off to a winning start!

Scored by their unconventional ‘four-person reveiew format’, Sonic Superstars zoomed to a solid 32/40. Not bad, Sonic, not bad at all. It's like having four Simon Cowells agree that you have 'it' – and in this case, ‘it' is the potential to be a side-scrolling, platforming classic.

And boy, did we need that ray of optimism. Doubts were piling up faster than a Sonic dash about developer Arzest's ability to do justice to the 16-bit legacy. This is the same team that brought us ‘Hey! Pikmin, Balan Wonderworld’, so no small task then. Thankfully, Naoto Ohshima, Arzest's Executive Vice President - and more importantly, Sonic's original character designer – was at the steering wheel to ensure that the blue champion didn't veer off track.

So, is the long wait to see Sonic pirouetting around loop-the-loops, collecting gold rings worth it? We will know for sure by the 17th of October, when 'Sonic Superstars' goes live. Until then, we wait with the same anticipation as a charged-up Sonic Spin Dash, ready to explode off at the verdicts of other gaming outlets.

How is this stacking up against some other Sonic titles you wonder? For comparison, 'Sonic Forces' (the other Sonic game that took us by storm, then left us in the dust), bagged a 35/40 from Famitsu, an impressive score indeed. But remember, in the gaming world as in Sonic's, it's not just about speed, but the thrill of the chase.

So, Sonic fans (or should I say, Fan-itsu?), gear up, hit pause on the skepticism, and stay tuned. This could be the 2D Sonic game we've all been waiting for - a true successor of Sonic 4. Or not. Anticipation continues to build at the speed of sound, and we can only hold onto our controllers, hoping that 'Sonic Superstars' brings back the golden 2D days we sorely miss.

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