Tears of the Kingdom's director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, spills the beans about the baffling absence of Sheikah technology in the sequel, leaving fans unimpressed and perplexed.

Breath of the Wild Fans Weep over Mysterious Absence

For the loyal devotees of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , the Tears of the Kingdom director has just popped a painful pimple of suspense. The mysteriously missing Sheikah technology from the sequel has finally been demystified, only to leave the fans in a fit of fiasco. Gone are the magnificent shrines and stalking Guardians that once lavishly exploited our hero Link’s Hyrule habitat. Oh, and did you spot a tower anywhere? Yeah, neither did we.

In a candid confab with The Telegraph, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, the mastermind behind the Kingdom that ran its fans to tears, unraveled the enigma of the missing technology. According to him, it cunningly arranged its own disappearance party after vanquishing the Calamity, like a self-destructive secret agent (if only it had left us an invincible sports car or a cool watch along the way).

As Fujibayashi explains, all of Hyrule saw the tech sign its own death certificate post-Calambity, leaving behind only puzzlement and gaping, technologically-deprived voids. With no idea about the 'why' and 'how', the populace chalked it up to another Hyrule mystery, as expected. After all, sheikah tech pulling a disappearing act is the least of their worries when their daily routine includes battling heinous villains, presumably after they finish their morning coffee.

Alas, this “out of blink, out of mind” logic was not something the fans warmed up to. The Twitterati expressed their disapproval as one remarked incredulously about the logic-defying disappearance of full-size towers and behemoth Divine Beasts. Another lamented over the missed potential of showcasing the decayed remains of beasts being reclaimed by the natural world.

The Kingdom’s subreddit was no less forgiving as dismayed users slammed the attempt to erase significant elements of Breath of the Wild like an inconsequential dust smudge. Tacit disapproval bordering on frustration took center stage as many fans struggled to piece together these two games as part of the same narrative.

Questions were raised about the sequel status of Tears of the Kingdom when it shared as much similarity as a square peg does with a round hole. With Nintendo putting the pin in prospective DLC that could've ironed out these narrative creases, fans can only hope their online indignation rings loud in the dungeons of Hyrule Castle, and future endeavors pay more reverence to their beloved Sheikah tech. But on an optimistic note, there’s an unexpected breakthrough in the Kingdom - cows, it turns out, are overpowered! Holy Cow!

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