Fans of Jusant and Shadow of the Colossus will find delight in the expanded alpha playtest for the game 'Chasing The Unseen' introducing a new level.

Playtest of 'Chasing the Unseen' Opens New Level

Gamers who have been captivated by Jusant, Don’t Nod’s post-apocalyptic climbing simulation game, should consider trying out the alpha playtest of 'Chasing The Unseen,' now updated with a fresh level to conquer. The climbing mechanics might echo more of the Shadow of the Colossus, reliant on stamina control than the delicate innovative grip and abseiling mechanisms derived from Jusant. While the backstory might not be as intricately designed as Don’t Nod's gaming world, 'Chasing the Unseen' offers a unique universe with giant flying cephalopods, colossal red mushrooms, and floating landscapes interwoven with grass and stone.

The game world of 'Chasing The Unseen' is an imaginative blend of categories, shifting mysteriously between a macroscopic and microscopic lens within an ocean reef or a surreal alternate dimension that might be described as “Cthulhu’s Zen Chillout Room”. The immersive experience is further enhanced with unique features, allowing players to glide short distances by inflating a blowfish-like creature, or chase and collect capybara. A death in the game triggers a whimsical didgeridoo sound, preserving the game's quirkiness, adding a touch of humour.

A few months back, Matthieu Fiorilli, the game's creator, introduced 'Chasing The Unseen' on Eurogamer. Fiorilli’s professional background in creature design and animation, with a portfolio including notable films like Avatar: The Way of Water and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, greatly influenced the creation of the game. These cinematic techniques were combined with Buddhist philosophies and Fiorilli's fascination for fractals, giving birth to a diverse menagerie including a bizarre mangrove-like creature with electrical fixtures, and a winding golden snake.

The game, keeping clear of killings or earnings, focuses on getting players to experience its environment and make the

most of the climbing mechanics, similar to 'Shadow of The Colossus'. By doing so, it provides an efficient way for players to reach each level's summit. However, there's always the fun risk of falling off!

Incidentally, the rise of games like 'Jusant,' 'Chasing The Unseen,' and 'Lorn's Lure' signals a potential renaissance in the realm of climbing mechanics in games. These games appear to resist the trend of blockbuster projects to create lavish, yet quickly forgettable worlds. Open world action games often lose player engagement by allowing quick and mindless landscape exploration, in the pursuit of maintaining a cycle of quests and encounters.

In stark contrast, climbing simulations like 'Chasing the Unseen' slow down the gaming experience, encouraging players to read the environment and appreciate the developers' efforts in detail whilst navigating the gaming world.

Confirmation of the release date for 'Chasing the Unseen' is awaited. For a different take on octopi, thecatamites’ game recommendation might be of interest.

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