Netmarble's latest update for Seven Knights Idle Adventure introduces 4 new heroes, a crash-course Boss Rush mode, and a slew of enticing bonuses.

New Comrades & Loot Galore Await in Seven Knights Game

Get ready to lock and load, because things are about to get busier in a land named "Seven Knights Idle Adventure." Buckle up for an epic roller-coaster ride (no literal roller-coasters involved, unfortunately) as Netmarble graces us with a heart-pumping update for our favorite Taptastic game. Make way for the dawn of the new Boss Rush mode and the addition of not one, not two, but FOUR new playable heroes. But, certainly, the adventure doesn't stop there.

If the titular Seven Knights were feeling a little lonely, fret not. The reinforcements have arrived! First up, we have the formidable Rin, a Legendary-ranged hero who plays her cards right with a skill that boosts the final damage by 30%. If that doesn't scream "total badass" at you, then her capability to increase the Critical Hit Rate by an impressive 100% absolutely does! But the merry crew wouldn't be complete without Soi, Bai Long, and Mao Song joining the ranks. Welcome aboard, ye brave knights!

But wait, there's more! Let's dial back the stage to the thrilling new Boss Rush mode. The mode goes live once you triumph over at least 1,200 stages in the Stage Guide. Step into the thrilling arena once every day, and if the odds ever seem not in your favor, simply watch an advertisement to earn an extra lifeline or what we fancy calling, an “extra entry pass."

Before you notch an arrow into your bow in reminiscence of Katniss Everdeen, remember the Hero Rate Up Summon Event, which is your winning lottery ticket to getting specific heroes until October 18th. Also, who could possibly resist the charm of the Gathering of Witches Carnival Event? It's practically raining Carnival Event Currency for that covetable legendary hero, Meg.

Scoring the top ranking in a battle or the best hero to remain standing? Check out our helpful tier list. Meanwhile, if you're looking for ways to jump in on all this exhilarating action, fear not! Seven Knights Idle Adventure is just a tap away on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. And yes, it's free to play with in-app purchases. Cheers to those in-app purchases, am I right?

Lastly, for updates fresher than the morning bakery, join the official fan page community on Facebook, or visit the official website. For the uninitiated, a sneak peek of the game's vibes is just a click away. Join the Seven Knights Idle Adventure saga now, because the idle life is apparently, the most adventure-packed life. Who knew, right? Can't wait to see you on the battlefield!

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