The addictive blend of RPG and puzzle gaming, Puzzle & Dragons, dances with joy as it ticks past 15 million downloads in North America since its birth in 2012.

Puzzle & Dragons Celebrates 15M Downloads with Pomp

Knock knock. Who's there? Just Puzzle & Dragons, the one-of-a-kind RPG plus puzzle game, laughing all the way to the vault with over 15 million downloads in North America. That's like the entire population of Zimbabwe deciding to play Tetris and train RPG dragons at the same time!

GungHo Online Entertainment, the digital gurus behind this addictive game, must be grinning wider than a Cheshire cat right now, finally having something to bring to their next school reunion. Since its inception in 2012, Puzzle & Dragons has cracked the code of gamer’s hearts, making them swoon over every new dungeon and puzzle, and treating them to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious collaborations worldwide, spanning the past, present, and future of anime, video games, and pop culture.

But hey, if you've been living under the digital rock and don't know what the fuss is about, then pull up a chair. Imagine the sheer joy of squashing candies in a match-3 game, the exhilaration of wrestling with monsters, and the heart-thumping excitement of RPG adventures. Now, roll all these elements into one mighty meatball of gaming goodness, and voila, you have Puzzle and Dragons.

"Our game has climbed the Mount Everest of the gaming world, proving that our North American fans are head over heels for Puzzle & Dragons," chuckled Jun Iwasaki, the dapper CEO of GungHo Online Entertainment America. "A colossal thank you to our gaming gladiators. Your ardent support has been the wind beneath our wings, helping our game reach these dizzying heights."

So, if you're itching to join this million-man gaming fiesta, your train has not left the station. Run, walk, crawl, do the worm—whatever it takes—to click that download button on your iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play Store. Better yet, it's a freeloading game! A word of warning though, once you’re under its magical spell, expect many whimsical hours to mysteriously disappear.

And, if you feel like being part of every new discovery, twist, and turn on this adventure, be part of the official Facebook page. For the cool cats wanting more scoop on this laudable game, twiddle your thumbs over to the official website, or sneak a peek at the riveting trailer. Go on, give it a poke.

Puzzle & Dragons awaits your debut! So, on your marks, get set, and download! Can you hear the 15 million other participants cheering you on?

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